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Baby Party Supplies - Ideas for 1st Birthday Baby Party Supplies

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New parents always have questions about how to celebrate their baby’s first birthday. It is a moment they want to experience with their child, but it is acknowledged that the baby will not remember the event. It is wise to understand that the party is primarily to share the moment with friends and family, and secondarily, to create a bonding experience that will be enforced later in life through the sharing of memories and photographs. Baby party supplies should reflect not only the birthday boy or girl, but also the guests in attendance.

The first birthday party should be loosely planned, allowing for the unpredictable behavior of one-year-olds. Nothing has to be set in stone. Themed baby party supplies will make for a fun occasion, and foods and drinks will keep the guests happy. Worrying about the event and nitpicking on details are both to be avoided. When you let the party evolve around flexible plans, it will naturally fall into place.

Before buying baby party supplies, it is necessary to do a little planning. The party should be around anywhere from one to two hours. One-year old children will not be able to stand much more. Plan to have the event on the nearest weekend to the actual birthday. This will provide the most convenient time for guests to attend. The exact time should depend on your baby’s napping habits. In most instances, late morning and late afternoon will be the best times, but this may vary. You don’t want to disrupt the baby’s usual sleep patterns.

It is not a good idea to invite a lot of people to the birthday. Baby party supplies will usually come in sets of eight. You should never have to buy more than two sets, and even that can be too much in some situations. You don’t want to be too busy attending to guests because you will still need to attend to the baby. Hosting duties should always be a team effort, but this doesn’t mean the team must always be both parents. One parent and any other responsible friend or family member can sometimes be more appropriate.

After these factors have all been taken into consideration, you can begin to think about baby party supplies. A few themes have proven both popular and timeless. Here are some perfect themes from which to choose:

• First Birthday – This is the most popular theme. It consists of plates, napkins, hats, and party favors decorated with the number “1”. The usual color patterns are pink for girls and blue for boys. Popular children’s characters such as those from Disney cartoons, Winnie the Pooh, or Sesame Street can be used, but it is not necessary. Some parents prefer a completely non-commercial birthday.

• ABCs and 123s – A first birthday doesn’t necessarily need baby party supplies with number 1s all over everything. A more educational theme is desired by some parents. This can be accomplished with pre-made birthday party supplies or with some sing-along music, coloring books, and building blocks that you have put together yourself.

• Animals – Zoo or farm animals are both great themes to work with. There will be plenty of baby party supplies to choose from with an animal theme. The old standby See ‘N Say toys are great for this type of birthday party.

• Mother Goose – While Mother Goose has lost popularity through the years, there are still plenty of choices for baby party supplies with this theme. Most cake decorators will be able to do at least one Mother Goose character, and you may just have a choice.

• Colors – Sometimes the best theme of all is the simplest. Bright colors work well. Use primary colors or rainbow colors. Avoid pastels or other dull colors. Keep it festive.

One last word of advice for parents planning a first birthday party is to avoid any form of live entertainment. A clown will do nothing but frighten the birthday girl or birthday boy. Keep the guest list to close friends and family.

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