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Firewire Usb Adapter - Options for Firewire to USB Adapters

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Many new computers on the market now have both FireWire and USB ports. While both ports are used for data transfer of some sort, they often are used for different kinds of files. FireWire, which is Apple’s brand name for a IEEE 1394 interface port, is most commonly used for audio and video transfers because it has a faster data transfer rate than USB ports. Although the newly launched USB 3.0 technology has an increased data transfer rate, most computers still operate with USB 2.0 technology. Therefore, USB connections are more commonly used for less demanding functions, such as connecting a mouse to a computer or other low volume data transfers. While FireWire transfers typically operate at about 400 Mbits per second, with newer FireWire hubs having transfer rates closer to 800 Mbits per second. On the other hand, USB 2.0 transfers are in the 240 to 280 Mbits per second range. Apart from different data transfer rates than USB ports, FireWire ports will also typically transfer more power through the connection and have a somewhat simpler networking protocol, making them less demanding for computers to use.

Due to the differences between FireWire and USB technologies, Firewire USB adapters are not less common than some adapters. Because of this, many devices have both FireWire and USB ports, making a transfer from one to the other less necessary. If, however, you do need to connect a USB only device to a FireWire only device, then there are plenty of options available to you. Nearly all computers that have FireWire or USB ports have female ports since they are designed to connect to other devices that have male ports. So a proper FireWire USB adapter will either have a male USB port that you can connect to your computer and a female FireWire port that you can connect to another device via FireWire or a male FireWire port that you can connect to your computer and a female USB port that you can connect to another device via USB. The most common type of FireWire USB adapter is the one with a male USB and female FireWire for FireWire connections. These adapters, commonly known as FireWire 400 to USB adapters, can be found for $2 to $25 or more from many internet electronics retailers. It is much more difficult to find the second type of FireWire USB adapter. In fact, if you needed to connect a USB device to your computer with a FireWire connection, you would more than likely need to special order the adapter, and it could cost $50 or more. As mentioned above, however, because of the increasingly use of both FireWire and USB connections, most new computers and many other devices have both types of ports. In these cases, both ports are connected to the same printed circuit board and therefore do not require any type of conversion or adapter. However, for those who still need to find a FireWire USB adapter, many affordable options are available.

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