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Best Friend Quote - Best Friend Quote Gift Ideas

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Most people have a best friend, but it is rare today for a best friend to motivate us to such levels where you feel a gift is necessary to express your feelings about your best friend. Best friends are often taken for granted and they get no thanks for their support, conversation, and companionship. Other people have found that the person they claim to be their best friend simply holds a meaningless title they gave them because society deemed it necessary to choose. When they look at the situation more closely, they come to understand that they are really not so close and their “best friend” cannot be counted on for anything important.

When you realize that you have a best friend who is actually important to you, who is there for you in your time of need, and you knows more about you than anyone else in the world, sometimes more than your parents or spouse, it is a truly magical feeling. This is when it is appropriate to give your best friend a gift of gratitude, just for being a best friend.

One of the greatest ways to express your feelings about a best friend is to make use of a favorite or especially meaningful best friend quote. A best friend quote that expresses your feelings or is personally poignant can be used in any number of gift ideas that will let your best friend know you appreciate them.

Gift ideas that incorporate a best friend quote can come in several varieties. They can be personal items, items for the home, or even items made for the office.

Personal Best Friend Quote Gifts
Personal best friend quote gifts use your favorite quote about best friends on an item that is personally used, such as clothing. Here are some popular ideas:
• T-Shirts – T-shirts are the number one gift to give in any situation where you want to express a quote. T-shirts can be made in any color or size to go with your best friend’s style and personality. The best friend quote can be on the front or back in large or small print.
• Hats – Sometimes a T-shirt just doesn’t seem appropriate. Baseball caps can be a good alternative for a personal item with a meaningful quote.
• Bags – Duffel bags, sports bags, or book bags can also be embroidered with a best friend quote to make it special.

Best Friend Quote Gifts for the Home
Home gifts are very popular for quote items. Even though your best friend will appreciate the gift, they may not want to walk out advertising it to the world. Home gifts are just as special. Here are some ideas for home gifts:
• Mugs – Mugs are always a good choice for a gift with a best friend quote emblazoned upon it. Mugs are often used on a daily basis and appreciated more than clothing.
• Posters – A small poster suitable for framing can make a special gift for your friend to always remember how much you appreciate them. The best part about posters is that the quote doesn’t have to be the primary feature. The picture can be the primary feature and make it suitable for displaying in any room.
• Calendars – If you can’t decide on a single picture or a single best friend quote, a calendar is a good way to make a compilation of a dozen of your favorites. Calendars can be the most fun to put together.
• Stationery – Home stationery is always needed and appreciated. Stationery with a letterhead or background of a best friend quote can be extra special.

Best Friend Quote Gifts for the Office
Office gifts with a best friend quote are not as popular as home gifts and sometimes not appropriate, but here are some ideas that can work:
• Mousepads – A mousepad with a best friend quote can be a good office gift that is not too obtrusive and will always be used.
• Picture frames – If your best friend has bookshelves with room for a small picture frame, you can give them a tasteful picture for their office.

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over 6 years ago

These ideas are nice but not unusual.
My friend is more a sporty tom-boyish person. She doesn't like T-shirts and stuff. Not even soft toys.
I just can't figure out what to get for her!!