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White Sound Machine - Benefits of Sleeping with a White Sound Machine - What is a White Sound Machine?

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Recent consumer studies have shown that people with sleep disorders can find relief and get a good night’s rest simply by playing ambient sound. While many have tried listening to tranquil music or natural sounds from a CD, the greatest benefits have been shown to come from a white sound machine. According to surveys, a white sound machine can produce a restful sleep equal to or exceeding that produced with sleeping pills.

Before you purchase a white noise or white sound machine, it is advisable to understand as much as possible about what they are and how they work. This will help to choose the best device for you and your home. Additionally, some people are buying white noise machines for the office because their benefits have been found to be helpful for other problems besides sleeplessness.

What is a White Sound Machine?

To understand what a white sound machine is, you have to understand white sound. Also known as white noise, white sound gets its name for its similarity to white light. Just as white light is a combination of all the colors of the visible spectrum, white sound is a combination of the all the audible frequencies.

People hear white noise as a dull, gentle hissing sound. It has often been described as the static that is heard when an analog TV does not get a signal and is displaying “snow” instead of a picture. Other descriptions liken white noise to radio static, wind rustling through leaves, ocean surf, a running fan, or even a steady waterfall. While some of these sounds are referred to as white noise, it is not true white noise because some frequencies can be absent and others may be projected at different decibel level than the others.

A white sound machine is designed to scientifically produce sound at exact frequencies that have been found the most beneficial for different types of people in different situations.

When and Where to Use a White Sound Machine

White sound machines have several benefits other than helping you to sleep. Here are some of the benefits that have been discovered and tested so far:

• Restful Sleep – White noise can be part of your regular sleep routine if you are experiencing sleeplessness or insomnia.

• Relief from Snoring – Even if you do get a restful sleep, if you suffer from snoring, a white noise machine can help relieve this annoying malady.

• Improve Concentration – You can use a white noise machine in the office while you work or while you are studying. White noise helps to mask or disguise other forms of noise that can disrupt thought.

• Babies – White noise machines have been found to be useful for babies who do not sleep well or wake frequently.

• Relief from Tinnitus – If you suffer from tinnitus, ringing in the ears, symptoms can be relieved by white noise. In many cases, white sound can completely mask the ringing.

• Relief from Inner Ear Disorders – If you have an inner ear infection, you can experience severe dizziness and vertigo. These symptoms can be treated with white sound.

• Treatment of ADD/ADHD – Children and adults with mild forms of ADD or ADHD can benefit from a white sound machine. The machine can eliminate little distractions that many of us take for granted.

• Control Pets – A white sound machine has been found to be helpful in training pets or in creating a more relaxing environment for pets that can prevent incessant barking/meowing and relieve anxiety.

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