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Silver Dollar Value - Learning about Silver Dollar Value

dollars coins minted uncirculated

Some of the most popular coins to collect in the United States are silver dollars. Although the U.S. has minted various dollar coins since 1794, the scarcity of silver in those early days prevented silver dollars from being minted for up to 32 years at a stretch. Most silver dollars consist of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper to give them added durability. The silver weight of these coins is .7736 troy ounces. Some silver dollars meant for foreign trade had a slightly higher silver content, while silver dollars in the 1970s rarely contained more than 40 percent silver.

Silver dollar value has traditionally been greater than the dollar value of the coin. For this reason, they were rarely spent as regular money. This changed after the mid 1960s when falling silver prices made the coins worth less than a dollar. In order to make silver dollars collectible once again, the U.S. Mint began producing a Silver Eagle dollar that was 100 percent silver weight exactly 1 troy ounce. Since then, other collectible silver dollar coins were added to the lineup.

In recent years, along with precious metal value, silver dollar value has begun to rise. Several factors, however, combine to give each individual coin its value. Silver dollar value is dependent on the following conditions:

• Type of silver dollar – Several different types of silver dollars have been produced over the years.

• Year – Silver dollar value can vary significantly by year of minting.

• Mint branch – Silver dollars from some mint branches will have a higher value than silver dollars of the same year from other mint branches. Branches are denoted on the coins with a mintmark.

• Circulation – Uncirculated silver dollars are generally worth more than circulated coins.

• Condition – This is a significant factor in determining silver dollar value. An uncirculated coin worth thousands of dollars could be worth less than $5 if it is in bad condition. Condition of silver dollars is based on a strictly defined grading system.

There are four major types of silver dollar that can have high value, according to collectors. All of these silver dollars were minted before 1935.

Bust Dollars
Bust dollars include the original U.S. silver dollars. They were first minted in 1794, and their run ended in 1803. The silver dollar value of bust coins starts at $600 for late year coins in good condition. However, even in good condition, a 1794 silver dollar can fetch up to $63,000. Any uncirculated bust dollar is worth a minimum of $11,340 for a 1798. Early uncirculated can demand much, much more.

Seated Liberty Dollars
Seated Liberty dollars were minted from 1841 to 1873. Even coins of good condition are worth a minimum of $137. For those in fine condition, you can expect a minimum of $188. Extremely fine condition silver dollar value then goes up to $320, and uncirculated minimum is $1350 for an 1860 minted in New Orleans. Uncirculated seated liberty dollars from 1841 and 1862 are worth the most: $2,250 each.

Morgan Silver Dollars
Morgans are the most popular of collectible silver dollars, but the silver dollar value of this type has a wide range. They were minted from 1878 to 1921. The rarest Morgan silver dollar is the 1889 minted in Carson City, Nevada. It bears a “CC” mintmark, differentiating it from those produced at four other U.S. mint branches. Uncirculated, this coin is worth over $12,000. The least valuable Morgans were those minted in 1921 bearing no mintmark. Uncirculated, these coins are only worth $18.43.

Peace Dollars
Peace dollars were minted from 1921 to 1934. The minimum silver dollar value of these coins is $15 in good condition. Uncirculated silver dollars of this type range in value from $19 and up to $1,330 for a 1934 minted in San Francisco.

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