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Semi Mount Rings - Buying Guide for Semi Mount Rings

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For couples and individuals who are looking for a unique ring for an engagement or wedding, but do not want to go through the trouble of designing the ring from the ground up, semi mount rings are the perfect choice. Somewhere in the middle of predesigned, ready-to-wear rings and fully customized rings are semi mount rings.

Semi mount rings are rings with all of the minor settings and ring details predesigned except for the main jewel or precious stone. The main stone is purchased separately from the semi mount jeweler or from a loose stone dealer. The semi mount jeweler takes your main stone, most often a diamond, and sets into the semi mount ring. Once it is set, the ring is considered complete and no longer a semi mount ring.

Semi mount rings have several benefits over other types of rings. The biggest benefit is that you, the buyer, have much more flexibility and many more options available than simply buying a preset ring. The second benefit of semi mount rings is that they do not require you to have extensive knowledge of jewelry design. For most people, designing a ring from scratch is a daunting prospect, and for those who go into it willingly, the final product never turns out how they pictured it to be. A final benefit is that semi mount rings can often save you money. Loose cut diamonds can be found for much less than diamonds already in a setting.

Once you have decided that semi mount rings are the way you want to go, you must decide on which type of semi mount ring to purchase. The first consideration is which type of precious metal you prefer. The most common are 12k to 16k yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Once the base metal is chosen, it is time to think about style. Semi mount rings come in three basic styles:

• Accent Rings – These rings are very stylish and include other gems that are meant to complement the main stone. Semi mount rings can have access stones in any of the major cuts, such as princess cut, emerald cut, or baguette.
• Solitaires – These are the standard type of rings used for engagement. Solitaire semi mount rings may not have any other gems, but they can have engraving or other designs you find desirable.
• Bridal Sets – These ring sets include either a solitaire or accent ring and a matching wedding band.

Most people prefer to find the center stone before they go shopping for semi mount rings, but it can be done both ways. It depends on which part is more important to you. If the semi mount ring is more important, do not limit yourself by buying the stone first. If the stone is more important, buy the stone first and then look for semi mount rings that go with it.

Center stones for semi mount rings can come from several sources. You can purchase a new loose cut center stone from a specialized dealer or from the jeweler selling the semi mount rings. Some people shop for semi mount rings because they want to use an heirloom jewel they already own in a more modern setting. Others are simply upgrading because they could not afford the ring they wanted at the time of the event, whether it was the engagement or the wedding. Doing this allows the person to have the ring they want while still preserving the integrity and symbolism of the original ring. The final reason for choosing semi mount rings is to be able to add a gemstone of choice. A few rare people out there prefer other precious gemstones other than diamonds.

Semi mount rings can be purchased at traditional jewelry stores, but a larger selection can be found by shopping at online stores. Most people are more comfortable shopping for a ring online when they do not have to worry about the quality of the center stone. Online jewelers can also offer better prices than traditional jewelers by keeping overhead costs down. Even so, you should expect to pay a minimum of $200 for semi mount rings and up to $5,000 or more at the other end of the spectrum.

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