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Aquastar Water Heater - Buying a Bosch AquaStar Water Heater

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Bosch is a trusted name in North America for home appliances and building technology. The Bosch Group employs 270,000 people and has revenues of over $50 billion. 20,000 of those employees and over $7 billion of those annual sales are trough the 20 major locations of Bosch in North America.

Besides Bosch kitchen appliances and washing machines, some of their best-selling products are their lines of high-end electric and gas hot water heaters. Bosch has 60 years experience in the manufacturing of water heaters. Their new lines are tankless systems that are designed to provide on-demand limitless hot water with a minimal impact on the environment. Over 4,000 units per day are manufactured at their factory.

Considering only gas-powered appliances, the AquaStar Water Heater is their most popular product. The AquaStar 125 Series water heaters are individual units, supplying hot water to a single outlet. This means a separate water heater is needed for each sink and shower that is made to be used simultaneously. Professional installation of any of the two major models of AquaStar water heater automatically activates a 12-year warranty.

The two major models of AquaStar water heaters are the 125BO and 125FX.

125BO – This is an outdoor model that comes with freeze protection so it is guaranteed to operate in temperatures as low as 5-degrees F. It has been tested to save up to 50% in hot water heating costs versus traditional hot water heater tank systems.

125FX – The 125FX is an indoor model that features electronic ignition, built-in power venting, and a horizontal vent terminator.

Both of the Bosch AquaStar water heaters are built to be durable and lasting. All wet parts are made of solid copper or plastic, and in of failure, every part can be replaced or recycled. The unit itself is made of finished stainless steel and aluminum cased in baked epoxy. The burners are also made of stainless steel, while the heat exchanger is solid copper. For safety, the AquaStar water heater features automatic overheat shutoff and thermocouple. The design is certified by CSA and compliant with ASHRAE 90.1 standards.

The power vent add-on for the AquaStar water heater allows horizontal venting up to 100 feet, so there is no need to install or use chimneys. In addition, both models of Bosch AquaStar water heater come in natural gas and liquid propane options. Cost of operation and annual savings over tank water heaters is dependent on which option is used.

Natural Gas
• The 125BO has an energy factor of 0.69 and an annual operating cost of $308. This translates to an annual savings of $93 over 75-gallon tank systems.
• The 125FX model has an energy factor of 0.78 and an annual operating cost of $273. This provides a savings of $129 annually over 75-gallon systems.

Liquid Propane
Savings are even greater when using the liquid propane option.
• The 125BO liquid propane system has an energy factor of 0.79 with an operating cost of $387 annually. This is a savings of $190 over liquid propane tank water heaters.
• The 125FX has an energy factor of 0.81 with an annual operating cost of $377 for a savings of $199.

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