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Disney Tickets Cheap - Finding Disney Tickets Cheap - Cheap Disneyland Tickets, Cheap Disney World Tickets, Other discounts, all locations

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Looking for Disney tickets cheap? Travelers can save up to $50 per ticket on their next Disney World or Disney Land trip by buying advance tickets for multiple days through participating travel services and web sites. These moderate savings are made possible through ticket speculators—companies that buy tickets wholesale from the Walt Disney Company and then selling them to consumers at a slight discount. This arrangement satisfies all three parties in this transaction—Disney, who wants to see certain kinds of tickets sold more often; the wholesale buyer, who makes a profit on the difference between their wholesale rates and the marked-up (but still discounted) rates they sell to consumers; and the consumers themselves, who get to enjoy small savings for their efforts.

One advance warning: do not bother looking for single day tickets. Disney has no trouble selling these as is, so the company does not sell these to wholesale buyers. Discount ticket websites who offer such “deals” usually charge more than the gate price. Instead, money-saving deals for cheap Disney tickets tend to show up at the three-day mark.

Thus, Disney tickets cheap are only available to travelers who plan on spending three or more days at a Disney theme park. If a trip runs long, no problem: these three-day tickets can usually be upgraded to longer stays at no additional charge for the Disney park in question. The longer a group wants to stay, the cheaper the ticket.

Before buying any Disney ticket cheap, it is important to make sure that you are actually receiving a deal. All rates should be compared to Disney’s ticket site before making a purchase. Furthermore, do not get scammed—Disney’s theme parks are expensive, and more than one optimistic traveler has lost big bucks on a deal which they should have known was too good to be true.

Consumers can find these deals at various discount ticket sellers.

Cheap Disneyland Tickets

Try Kijubi and Ares Travel both offer 30% discounts on three-day tickets to Disneyland. California’s teachers can also get specials through the TSA Special Services.

Cheap Disney World Tickets

<a href = “http://www.dwtickets.com/”>DW Tickets and <a href = “http://www.orlandofuntickets.com/Magic-Your-Way-Base/”>Orlando Fun Tickets are the best route to getting cheap Disney tickets in Orlando. These two companies are in hot competition with each other, so be sure to check them both before making a purchase. Other wholesale ticket buyers include <a href = “http://www.mapleleaftickets.com/disney_tickets.htm”>Mapleleaf Tickets, <a href = “http://www.greatorlandodiscounts.com/disneytickets.htm”>Great Orlando Discounts, and <a href = "http://www.officialticketcenter.com/cheap-walt-disney-orlando-base-tickets.aspx>Official Ticket Center. For a thorough search, check these out as well.

Other discounts, all locations

The Walt Disney Company offers a few regular and part-time discounts as well. Military personnel (both active, reserve, retired, DOD, or National Guard), for example, can bring their military IDs to the gate to get a discount at Disney World. Disney’s “Volunteer for Disney Day” offered a free Disney ticket to anyone who volunteered one day of service in early 2010. More deals for Disney tickets cheap and free will surely arise over the years, so customers should keep their eyes and ears open in addition to checking the avenues described in this article.

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