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Rental Properties Brisbane - A Foreigner's Guide to Rental Properties in Brisbane - Introduction: Rental Properties in Brisbane, Student Rental Properties Brisbane

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Capital of Queensland and the third largest city in Australia, Brisbane offers thousands of rental properties within its greater metropolitan area.

Australian properties tend to be rented at a weekly rate, rather than the monthly rates common in the United States. Prices vary from $115 per week to $2500 per week, with average prices sitting in the $200-$500 range.

Brisbane contains more than two hundred suburbs that range from expensive high rises just outside the city to little villages just outside the bush. Some suburbs are defined by their proximity to one of the many educational institutions in Brisbane, while others are more associated with their local populations or businesses.

Student Rental Properties Brisbane

Many cheaper offerings can be found near Brisbane’s sixteen colleges and tech schools and cater specifically to student populations. Small studio apartments are available for $115 weekly and offer little more than a bed and a nearby shared laundry service. These are the bottom-of-the-barrel, however, and most decent properties start at $140 per week.

Students can also choose larger properties. Rooms can be rented from large houses with shared communal areas, colloquially referred to as “share houses,” “stay places,” or “study homes.” Such lodgings usually collect rent from each occupant in the $130-$200 range. Spacious but vulnerable to the wear-and-tear common to collegiate renters, these properties should only be rented after consulting with the current renters to make sure that they share a compatible lifestyle to the would-be student renter.

Larger communal homes often feature swimming pools, larger yards, and more up-to-date furnishings, at rates around $500 weekly. The top-end of residential rental properties consists of three-bed, three-bath penthouse lodging at about $2,500 from most rental companies.

Family Rental Properties Brisbane

Families in search of two or more bedrooms should be prepared to spend at least $160 for a cozy, two-bedroom cottage. Such properties tend to sit almost forty kilometers from Brisbane proper, with backyards that lead directly into the bush.

Renters wanting to be close to the city for work can expect to pay at least $315 per week for a two-bed, one-bath home, with most rental properties sitting in the $450-$700 range. Such properties can be found in Brisbane City or the surrounding suburbs, including Spring Hill, Albion, and Milton.

The outer northern suburbs like Samford and Bunya are expensive but elegant properties ideal for summer vacationers and retirees, with prices ranging from $400 to $1000 per week.

Resources for Rental Properties Brisbane

Several websites exist to help potential renters locate properties in the Brisbane area. Bris Rentals provides a neatly organized search engine that incorporates dozens of rental companies, and it allows for smart searching by price, bedrooms, or suburb. Also useful is Domain, an Australia based rental property service that adds parking, baths, features, and land size to its list of searchable items. My Home, another Australian service, spends less time on searching and more time on browsing—this site can give a good, quick overview of Brisbane properties without hassling with menu items. Homebound is another simple Australian site, letting renters sort by the basics of cost and location before presenting them with a list of possible properties. Lastly, the Australian branch of Real Estate dot Com is a well-known service that includes pets, parking, beds, baths, and more in their easy-to-use search tool.

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