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Fishing Cabo San Lucas - Guide to Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

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For over 100 years, the waters of Cabo San Lucas, on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California, have been known as one of the best sport fishing locations in the world. Besides being abundant in trophy-class marlin all year round, several other large fish species call these waters home, including sailfish, yellow-fin tuna, dorado, grouper, red snapper, shark, and many more.

Because fishing in Cabo San Lucas is so popular, hundreds of charter boats are available for hire. On average days, up to 200 boats can be seen fishing the shore or heading out to deeper waters with filled with fishermen hungry for a catch. On days of one of the big Cabo San Lucas fishing tournaments, even more fishermen head out, spurred on by prizes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The truly amazing fact, however, is that no matter how many boats go out on any given day, most of them arrive back to marina with their outrigger flags aloft, the signal of another day of successful fishing at Cabo San Lucas.

The fishing in Cabo San Lucas is so amazing that on a typical day each charter boat averages one billfish (marlin or sailfish) on every departure, no matter the season or time of year. The fishing is so good that even a quadruple billfish run is not enough to turn heads or even offer congratulations. In fact, each year, several charter boats return back to the marina with billfish catches in the double digits, and this does not even include the tuna, wahoo, and other species you are sure to catch. Some unsuspecting fishing tourists have been known to beg their boat captains to return before noon because their arms are so tired.

It should be noted, though, before any trip for fishing in Cabo San Lucas, that locals frown on keeping any catches of more than you can eat during your stay. This means just a few fish should be kept, depending on the number of people in your party. The people of Cabo San Lucas are very concerned for their little corner of the world and are reluctant to do anything that might cause it harm. One report declares that of all catches in Cabo, over 95 percent are estimated to be released back into the waters.

There are three different types of charters for fishing Cabo San Lucas. Most people are more than happy with one, but true fisherman may want to try out two or even all three.

Shore Excursion Charters – The fishing in Cabo San Lucas is so excellent even in a short shore excursion of 4 to 6 hours. These small excursions are modestly priced and usually help on small sportfishers from 26-feet to 33-feet in length.

Deep Sea Charters – Deep Sea Charters are for those who want a true Cabo San Lucas fishing trip. Deep sea charters take fishermen out to the most fertile waters in the area. The captains of these fishing boats and yachts know exactly where to go to get your billfish. These charters are usually larger and range from lengths of 35-feet to 50-feet plus. 35-foot boats can take up to 6 people while 50-foot yachts can carry up to 12.

Fly Fishing Charters – Many people do not realize that Cabo San Lucas is also fertile ground for some amazing fly fishing. Fly fishing charters usually depart early in the morning and return in the early afternoon.

Here are some of the top charter services available for fishing Cabo San Lucas:

• Cabo Fishing (1-866-348-6286)
• Cabo Magic Sportfishing (1-888-475-5337)
• Ernie’s Sportfishing (011-52-624-143-1412)
• Fish Cabo San Lucas (1-800-745-2226)
• Fly Hooker Sportfishing (1-206-658-5152)
• Hook Up Cabo Sportfishing (011-52-624-143-3311)
• Paradise Sportfishing (011-52-624-143-8838)
• Picante Blue Water Sport Fishing (011-52-624-143-2474)
• Salvador’s Sportfishing (1-858-483-3771)

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