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Waring Juice Extractor - Buying a Waring Juice Extractor - Waring Juice Extractor Models

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Waring is the first company to bring the culinary blender to American kitchens, but today they are known for expanding their technology into a best-selling line of fruit and vegetable juicers. Waring juice extractor products can handle a variety of fruits and vegetables, from small key limes to giant Texas Ruby Red grapefruit. They make professional-quality juicing accessible to the average consumer.

Fred Waring was a popular broadcast musician and bandleader throughout the 1930s to the 1950s. In 1936 he was approached by Fred Osius, an inventor who promised a product that would revolutionize home kitchens. This product was the blender. Waring, having some knowledge of engineering, perfected the design and marketed the product under his own name.

In the same year of Waring’s death in 1984, Waring acquired Acme Juice Manufacturing. This would forever change the company’s direction. Thereafter, the Waring juice extractor was their top-selling product. Currently, Waring operates under two separate divisions. The Waring juice extractor lines are manufactured and distributed by Waring Pro, the division that handles all of their professional-grade products for consumers.

Waring Juice Extractor Models

There are currently five models of Waring juice extractor being manufactured by the company. They are available for sale at several traditional retail chains that include Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdales, Burdines, Williams-Sonoma, and Lowe’s. In addition, many online specialty kitchen supply stores sell models of Waring juice extractor so they can be purchased even when they are not available for sale or out of stock at stores near you.

Professional Juicing Center (PJC44)
This is the Waring juice extractor all-in-one appliance. It has a removable, stylish, professional-quality stainless steel bowl and lid that affixes atop a precision-built base with white impact-resistant casing. The universal reamer attachment handles all forms of citrus from the smallest limes and lemons to the largest grapefruit. Without the attachment, the PJC44 handles all other fruits and vegetables alike. The induction motor is very quiet, being designed to resist vibration, and comes with a 5-year warranty. All of the detachable parts are safe in the dishwasher. This model lists for $365.99 but can be found for much less.

The PJE401 Waring Juice Extractor is an updated model, but looks and operates identically to the PJC44. It lists for $300.

Professional Citrus Juicer (PCJ201/218)
The Waring dedicated citrus juicer comes in a choice of all stainless steel (218) or all white (201). The base is made of heavy metal over layers of cushioning for extremely quiet operation. The universal reamer handles all sizes of citrus fruits. The bowl and the reamer are both removable and can be washed safely in the dishwasher. If you love orange juice or other citrus juices, but can leave the rest, this model is for you. It lists for only $110.

Professional Juice Extractor (JEX328)
This is the flagship model of Waring juice extractor. It features advanced engineering to make juicing quick and simple. This model has been shown to extract more juice from fruits and vegetables than any other juicer. The pulp left in the collector is always dry as bone. The JEX328 comes in a brushed stainless steel design with a black impact-resistant plastic lid and spigot that empties juice into a deluxe 32 oz stainless steel cup. The feed-tube is 3.5-inches to fit whole fruits and vegetables or large pieces. This model lists for $100, but it can often be found for under $50.

Professional Juice Extractor (JEX450)
The JEX450 is an upgraded version of the JEX328. Its effortless, complete juice extraction is made even more powerful with the addition of an 850-watt, 2-speed motor. This model is also designed in brushed stainless steel but has a partially transparent impact-resistant plastic lid and pulp collector. The JEX450 replaces the 32 oz stainless steel cup with a 50 oz polycarbonate cup that matches the lid. The feed chute has been reduced in size to 3 inches, but is still large enough for most whole apples. List price is $225.

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