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Eagle Creek Bag - Review of Eagle Creek Bags - About Eagle Creek, Buying Eagle Creek

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Smart. Comfortable. Indestructible. These are the core ideals proclaimed by Eagle Creek Inc., a maker of luggage and other travel accessories based in Carlsbad, California. In addition to bags—the main Eagle Creek claim to fame—the company produces toiletry kits, travel belts, and a variety of other items. Prices are fairly high, but the products really are durable, and Eagle Creek will gladly replace anything that does not stand up to the wear and tear of serious international travel.

Eagle Creek caters to philanthropists, students, and bohemians. Their corporate identity is visible through their partnership with conservationist groups Friends of the River, The Escondido Creek Conservancy, and the Conservation Alliance, as well as with travel-based organizations like the Adventure Travel Trade Association and Pepy Tours.

Buying Eagle Creek

In choosing any kind of luggage, size is an important factor. Standard Eagle Creek bags are available in 20”, 22”, 25”, and 28” sizes, with 22” being by far the most popular. Extra large bags for camera equipment, ski poles, and other gear come in 28”, 32”, or 36” sizes. Such bags often feature multiple configurations to ease transport, as in for example the Swerve 32”, which can be wheeled out of the airport, shouldered into the bus, and then worn as a backpack up the stairs to the apartment.

Eagle Creek trumpets its Tarmac 22 as its best-selling piece of luggage. Consumer Search’s luggage reviews rank the $220+ Tarmac as the best rolling luggage on the market. Wired magazine’s review praises it for being the lightest 22” luggage dripping with pockets (despite a critique for lack of shoe space). Other best-sellers include the Hovercraft and Cloudstream lines, both of which offer the same basic principle of lightweight, durable luggage at prices in the $200-$250 range.

Durability is a key selling point for Eagle Creek products, which employ oversized zippers, shatterproof buckles, and other rugged design elements. So confident is Eagle Creek in the longevity of their travel gear that they offer a lifetime guarantee for every one of their products. Some models, like the Tarmac and Hovercraft lines, even feature their “No Matter What®” guarantee, where they promise to fix or replace a bag “no matter what” happens over the course of travel, ranging from wild animals to forest fires. To cash in on these guarantees, products need to be registered at the Eagle Creek registration page.

Luggage is not the only option from Eagle Creek—the company produces a number of travel accessories as well. Their highly popular Travel Accessories Daypack ($26) is a lightweight, collapsible backpack that can be tucked into other luggage until needed. The Pack-It Sac ($8.50 – $15) is another lightweight travel tool designed to fit snugly in Eagle Creek bags and other luggage to help organize toiletry, sporting goods, carry-on baggage, and so on. Duffels, handbags, laptop cases, neck pouches, and a variety of other products are also available from Eagle Creek.

Eagle Creek retailers can be found all over the globe and at a variety of e-merchants. For a full list of retailers, visit Eagle Creek dot Com.

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