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Mountain Hardwear Sleeping Bag - Choosing a Mountain Hardwear Sleeping Bag

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One of the most basic items needed for camping and overnight outdoor excursions is a sleeping bag. No matter if you are sleeping in a tent, a cabin, or under the stars, a good sleeping bag is required to keep warm and comfortable, ensuring a restful sleep for the next day’s adventures. Even though the company has not been around for a long time, Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags are considered among the greatest on the market.

Mountain Hardwear products are all about performance. The company was formed in 1993 by a small group of die-hard outdoorsmen who wanted to bring quality mountain climbing gear to the general public. After 16 years, the company’s success spurred them on to manufacture a full line of outdoor sporting equipment, including several lines of sleeping bags.

Choosing a Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag can be a difficult task because they have so many styles to choose from. The selection is only made easier through their categorization process that groups them by temperature rating. The three major categories are >20-degrees, <5-20-degrees, and 0-degrees. All temperature ratings are in Fahrenheit.

No matter which specific make of Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag you choose, there are several size choices available:

• Men’s Short – 5’6” or less
• Men’s Regular – 5’7” to 6’0”
• Men’s Long – 6’1” to 6”6’
• Women’s Regular –5’5” or less
• Women’s Long – 5’6” to 5’10”

A choice that is lacking in Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags is color. Each model comes in only one or two colors, dependent on men’s or women’s options.

Here are some of the top models of Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag:

• Switch 35 – This bag is made with a 50D nylon shell, 50D polyester lining, and synthetic Thermic MX insulation. The regular men’s size has a total weight of 3 lbs 5 oz. It has a minimum temperature rating of 30F. Colors are tiger orange for men and coolant green for women. List price is $120.
• UltraLamina 32 – The UltraLamina 32 is made of a 20D Micro Ripstop Nylon shell, 20D nylon lining, and Thermic Micro synthetic insulation. It has a total weight of only 1 lb, 15 oz, and is rated for temperatures of 37F. The ultra lightweight design is patent pending. The men’s version is grey and tiger orange, and the women’s version is tiger orange and cream. List price is $190.
• Phantom 32 – The Phantom 32 is a high-end bag that can handle freezing temperatures. It is constructed of a 15D superlight ripstop nylon shell, 20D nylon lining, and 800-fill goose down insulation. Total weight is 1 lb 1 oz, but is rated for 28F. Colors are vivid blue for men and fresh blue for women. List price is $290.

• Piute 20 – This bag is made for general backpacking. It is constructed of a Hi-Five 30D rip shell, 30D Nylon Taffeta lining and insulation, and a down fill. The bag weighs 2 lbs, 9 oz, and is rated for temperatures down to 14F. Colors are blue chip for men and Maui sky for women. Features include an insulated draft tube, face gasket, and a tailored hood. List price is $250.
• UltraLamina 15 – The UltraLamina 15 is made specifically for cold and damp conditions. It is constructed of a 20D Micro Ripstop shell, 20D nylon lining, and Thermic Micro insulation. It rates at temperatures to 19F. Weight of this bag is 2 lbs, 14 oz. Colors are gray and splash blue for men and splash blue and cream for women. List price is $205.
• Phantom 15 – This bag is designed for colder temperatures in this category, being rated down to 15F. It is made of a superlight 15D ripstop shell, 20D nylon lining, and 800-fill goose down insulation. Total weight is 2 lbs, 1 oz. It features a down face-gasket and ergonomic collar with drapes. Colors are lava red for men and vivid green for women. List price is $400.

• UltraLamina 0 – The UltraLamina 0 is an entry-level model in this category. It is still only made of 20D Micro Ripstop, 20D nylon, and Thermic Micro insulation, but is rated down to 14F, which does not quite meet the category standards, but is the best Mountain Hardwear can do for the price. Total weight is 3 lbs, 5 oz. It is only available in men’s versions colored salsa red.
• Phantom 0 – This is a favorite bag of professional climbers. It is the lightest all-season Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag at only 2 lbs, 10 oz. It is constructed of a superlight 15D ripstop shell and 800-fill goose down insulation. It is rated to 0F temperatures and comes in black for men and berry soda pink for women. List price is $475.
• Wraith SL-20 – The Wraith SL20 is the most expensive Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag. It is specifically designed for long-term cold-weather expeditions. It is made of an SL Rip AXF shell, 20D nylon lining, and down fill. It is a heavier bag at 4 lbs, 8 oz, but is rated to temperatures below zero. It is waterproof, windproof, and comes only in tiger orange. List price is $610.

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