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Concept Rowing Machine - Concept Rowing Machine Buying Guide - The Model D or the Model E Concept Rowing Machine?

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Exercise machines are a great way to get in shape without having to leave the house. Although they are not the most popular of exercise machines, rowing machines have shown to have several key benefits for the body and mind. One of the premier companies to specialize in manufacturing rowing machines is Concept2.

The Concept2 Rowing Machine Company, often mistaken as simply the Concept Rowing Machine Company, was formed in 1975 by Peter Dreissigacker and his Olympic-rower brother, Dick. After the 1976 Olympics, the pair bought an abandoned Vermont farm to tinker with new inventions, a passion they both shared that rivaled even rowing. The rowing oars produced in their barn-factory became world-renowned and their success allowed them to continue with their inventions.

The first Concept rowing machine, the Model A, was built in 1981 and was commonly known as the “erg.” Concept2 has since moved to a bigger, more modern facility, but their pursuit of designing the world’s best rowing machines has not stopped. They are currently on their fifth design, The Model E, which they manufacture alongside their previous rower, the Model D. While some people prefer the Model D Concept rowing machine, it does not incorporate the latest technological and mechanical features of the newer Model E.

The Model D or the Model E Concept Rowing Machine?

This is the biggest question anyone will have when deciding on a Concept2 rowing machine. Although the two models share a similar design, they have little else in common. Both rowing machines feature a front-mounted flywheel behind a monitor arm and a sliding seat attached to a 54-inch monorail. The seat and monorail can accommodate an inseam length of 36-inches. For people with longer legs, an extra-long monorail is available for an additional fee.

A comparison of the other specifications of the Model D Concept rowing machine and Model E Concept rowing machine follows:

• Model D – Uses the PM3 monitor. This monitor automatically turns on when rowing begins, which directly powers the LCD screen. It can alternatively be run on two standard D batteries. The monitor has five display options and tracks speed, distance, pace, and calories burned. It also has an integrated heart rate monitor. The PM3 uses a removable magnetic LogCard to store workout information.
• Model E – Uses the PM4 monitor. This monitor has auto turn-on, and rowing charges a lithium ion battery pack. It has all the features of the PM3 with the addition of a USB interface to upload data to a computer, preset workouts, past performance challenge, technique guide, and rowing games.

Monitor Arm
• Model D – The arm is made of molded plastic and is on a pivot-mount for adjustment and storage.
• Model E – The arm is made of aluminum in a fixed position, bringing the monitor closer than with the Model D. The monitor angle can be adjusted.

• Model D – Has a steel chain with a partially-enclosed housing.
• Model E – Has a nickel-plated chain with improved resistance to corrosion in a fully-enclosed housing.

• Model D – Front support legs are made of lightweight yet strong aluminum, and the rear legs are steel.
• Model E – Both front and rear legs are made of welded steel to support the slightly higher height.

• Model D – Colored dark blue and light blue with a powder coat finish.
• Model E – Colored dark blue, gray, and light gray. It has a clear coat over a powder coat for increased scratch resistance.

• Model D – 8 feet by 2 feet with a 14-inch high seat.
• Model E – 8 feet by 2 feet with a 20-inch high seat.

• Model D – 57 pounds.
• Model E – 65 pounds.

• Model D – $900
• Model E – $1,260

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