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Las Vegas All Inclusive - Las Vegas All Inclusive Vacations

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Although you may hear about or read about all inclusive Las Vegas vacations, truth be told this is a very rare package. All-inclusive is the territory of sunny ocean resorts. Finding any all-inclusive destination inland is a feat worthy of praise, even for such destinations known for such a wide variety of package deals like Las Vegas. All inclusive vacations in Vegas are not purchased as such, but vacations to this city can easily end up being so depending on how much gambling you do. The more you gamble, the more comps you will receive. These comps can easily cover all dining, entertainment, and hotel expenses.

That being said, Las Vegas all inclusive vacations are not totally unknown. In this economic recession, hotels and resorts in Las Vegas have had to turn to new measures to bring in more visitors. However, there is only one resort offering a true Las Vegas all inclusive vacation: The Luxor Las Vegas.

The Luxor Las Vegas is owned and managed by MGM Resorts. Once known for being an Egyptian-themed resort, renovations in 2007 modernized the interior, although it still retains its black pyramid exterior architectural design.

The Luxor Las Vegas all inclusive vacation is a minimum of two days for two adults. Prices range for the minimum stay range from $428.99 to $578.99, depending on the room choice. This package includes the following:
• Hotel stay
• All you can eat buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
• Two day passes to Nurture Spa
• Two VIP nightclub admissions to LAX and CatHouse
• Two tickets to the Titanic exhibition and the Bodies exhibition
• Two tickets to the Criss Angel show Believe

Other so-called Las Vegas all-inclusive vacations are really just package deals offered by vacation brokers. While these are not true all inclusive resort vacations, they are well worth looking into. An all inclusive vacation to Las Vegas can be found through a number of tourist agencies near you or even more online. These brokers often advertise in Sunday newspapers and travel magazines. Often, your regular local tourist agency will have packages available, also. The only way to discover them is to find your local tourists agencies and give them a call.

Online tourist agencies and vacation brokers can also be found easily. There are literally dozens of top choices. Some of the big names in online airline tickets can also provide you with deals on a Las Vegas all inclusive vacations. These big names include Orbitz, Encarta, Travelocity, and Priceline, but they are by no means the only choices.

Many all inclusive Las Vegas vacations allow you to design your own package. This can be done from a couple of different angles. The first method you can use for putting a package together is to choose a hotel and let everything else revolve around that. No matter which top Las Vegas resort you choose, there will be several dining, gambling, and entertainment options. Your vacation will be so much easier if most of your activities are done in the same resort. However, this does not limit you from leaving your resort. Always feel free to schedule activities at other locations, and plan for some open exploring time if you desire.

The second option in putting together your own all-inclusive Las Vegas package is to choose an event, show, or casino, and let the rest of the vacation revolve around that. If you plan on seeing a Cirque de Soleil show, you have a number of options for hotels. If you dream of seeing Phantom or Blue Man Group, you are limited to the Venetian. Penn & Teller play at the Rio. Jersey Boys is at the Palazzo, and X Burlesque is a great show at the Flamingo. If you are going purely to gamble, Caesars Palace and the Bellagio are known to have two of the best casinos in the city.

No matter which show or activity you want to make your main attraction, the same resort will have so much more to do, and packages are more easily found that are centered on a single resort. If you can get your meals comped or included in the package along with a few entertainment choices, your vacation is set. This allows you to know exactly how much money you will need for your stay and entertainment and how much you can use for gambling.

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over 6 years ago

I like the Luxor a lot I love the pyramid structure.
Las Vegas All Inclusive Packages Many of the casinos are very nice I have been going through a lot of pics of Vegas lately.