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West Virginia Resorts - Luxury West Virginia Resorts

Vacation Options in West Virginia

greenbrier vacation property rates

When considering a luxury hotel vacation, most people either think of tropical locations like Hawaii or the Caribbean or metropolitan locations like New York or San Francisco. In most cases, West Virginia is the furthest thing from the minds of those who are planning a vacation at a luxury resort. However, there are more luxury resorts in West Virginia that you might initially think. And quite often, these resorts offer the same level of quality and service as resorts in better known locales, at a fraction of the cost.

Since the 18th century, the site of the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia near the Virginia border has been a popular vacation destination. As the name of the nearby town suggests, there is a sulphur spring on the Greenbrier property. As early as the 1770s, visitors would visit the spring for its health benefits. In subsequent years, the wealthy Calwell family from Baltimore purchased the property and built several resort cottages on the site. After the Civil War, the resort was a popular meeting place for meetings between North and South leaders looking to find common ground for reconciliation. At the most famous of these meetings, Robert E. Lee issued his White Sulphur Manifesto, which called for unity among Northerners and Southerners. After the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway acquired the property in 1910, the name was changed to the Greenbrier, and the current main hotel was built. In the early 20th century, celebrities and dignitaries such as Princess Grace of Monaco, the Edward, the Duke of Windsor (and former king of England), Bing Crosby, and Dwight Eisenhower. Although the resort declared bankruptcy in 2009, Jim Justice purchased the resort with a commitment to reestablish it as the premier five star resort in the state. The resort offers many vacation packages at the casino and golf course on site. These packages can vary, but they are typically fairly expensive. For example, a golf weekend with a PGA professional will cost about $2000 per person. Standard rates at the Greenbrier range from around $200 or more per night for a standard room in the main hotel building to upwards of $500 per night for their Paradise Row Cottages. The cottages at Greenbrier typically have a parlor, one or two bedrooms, and a bathroom.

Although the Greenbrier may be one of the most famous and historical of the West Virginia resorts, it is by no means the only option. For example, the Stonewall Resort near Roanoke, also near the Virginia border, can also boast its share of luxury options. Built on 2,000 acres of secluded property on the shore of Stonewall Jackson Lake, the resort has a spa and a golf course designed by Arnold Palmer. Rates at the Stonewall resort are a little less expensive than the Greenbrier, with standard rooms starting at around $100, though rates can be $400 or more for a lakeside cottage. Many other quality resorts are be found in West Virginia. Although most of the higher end resorts are on the south side of the state closer to the Virginia boarder, if you are looking on the northwestern part of the state closer to Pennsylvania and Ohio, there are several options available. For example, the Snowshoe Mountain Resort in the Monongahela National Forest offers high quality vacation rentals for $100 to $400 per night.

Due to its blue collar reputation, most people may not think of West Virginia as a luxury resort destination, the Mountain State has plenty of resort options for the discriminating traveler.

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