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Quik Shade Canopy - About Quik Shade Canopy - Quik Shade Canopy Options

Products and Pricing

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Whether you are working outside, lounging in your backyard, or relaxing on the beach, having sun in your eyes can be a major impediment. While sunglasses, hats, and visors can partially block the sun, a canopy that can give you are larger area of shape is ideal. While many companies make these kinds of products, Quik Shade Canopy makes a number of canopy models in many different shapes and sizes.

Quik Shade Canopy Options

If you are looking for a canopy for your yard, then there are several lines of Quik Shade canopies to consider. First, the Quik Shade Weekender series features a number of 8′ × 8′, 10′ × 10′, and 12′ × 12′ canopies. These range in price from about $40 for the 8′ × 8′ Quik Shade WX8 to $300 for the Quik Shade W144 Weekender. Along with the canopies themselves, which do not have side panels, you can also purchase solid wall and screen panel for protection from sun and bugs. You can also buy rope lights to install on the support poles of any Quik Shade canopy for $25 as well as weight plates for $45 for a set of four. Another Quik Shade canopy product to consider for your backyard is the Tiki Canopy. This model, which is only available in 10′ × 10′ size, has a synthetic “grass hut” canopy. Available for $160, it can give your backyard party a tropical theme. Finally, if you are looking for a canopy with a more elegant look for your deck or backyard garden, the the Quik Shade Decor line has several options that might appeal to you. This line has three 10′ × 10′ cabana canopies ranging from $190 to $230 and a 4′ × 4′ “changing room” for $125. All of the Decor line canopies have both a canopy covering and four adjustable side panels, so they are useful for backyard dining and entertaining.

In addition to their line of at-home canopies, Quik Shade has several commercial and industrial canopies to consider. The Commercial Series, which has heavy duty poles along with thicker canopies and panels, features a 10′ × 10′ model for $200 with solid side panels for $30 each and a zippered entry panel for $35. The other commercial canopy series made by Quik Shade is the Summit Series. This series features the 10′ × 10′ Quik Shade S233 with two side panels for $310, the 12′ × 12′ Quik Shade S81 with Half Wall Panel for $190, and the 10′ × 10′ Quik Shade S100 for $250. The canopies in this line are polyurethane coated and have Aluminex backing for extra support. Additional panels are available for $30 and zippered entry panels for $40.

Quik Shade Canopy makes several other smaller canopies, including the portable Go Hydro backpack canopies for $80 and and the Shade Tech instant canopies for $80 to $150. These canopy lines are useful for on the go shape, taking to the beach, or perhaps even covering your car during warm weather months.

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