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Large Dog Supplies - Buying Large Dog Supplies

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Getting a new dog is a big responsibility. Getting a big dog is an even bigger responsibility. Large dogs require more care than medium-sized dogs, more exercise than any other dogs, and more of just about everything else, as well: more space, more food, and more medicine, and more supplies. It is not enough simply to have more. Large dogs also need stronger, sturdier, and more durable equipment, accessories, and toys.

For the most part, buying large dog supplies is no different than buying supplies for other dogs. It is mostly just buying bigger and stronger. Here are a few supplies for large dogs to keep in mind when shopping for your new best friend:

Carriers – It is best to just forget about buying a pet carrier for a large dog. If situations where an enclosure is absolutely necessary, you need to be shopping for a crate or kennel. Crates and kennels made for large dogs come in several varieties. For well-behaved dogs, soft-sided travel crates work well and look good. Hard crates can also be purchased in wood or metal. Cage crates work well but being able to see their surroundings can be a source of anxiety for dogs in traveling situations.

Beds – Buying large dog beds approaches buying a bed for yourself. You will want to make sure the bed is durable and can support the weight of your dog. Many dogs like to rest their heads on the sidewalls of the bed, so make sure the sidewall has a cushion that will spring back into shape. Also, instead of traditional rounded beds, many large dogs prefer open mattress-style beds so they can stretch out. Instead of traditional dog beds, some large dog owners have opted for memory foam dog beds. Memory foam beds for large dogs are only slightly larger than standard dog beds.

Collars – Large dogs will require thick, broad collars. If the collar is too narrow, it will cut into the dog’s skin, and if the collar is too thin, it will wear out quickly under the strength of the dog. Many large dog owners use different collars for different situations. Some use leather collars at home and woven nylon collars for walking. Other large dog owners prefer to use extra-strength harnesses for walking and training purposes.

Leashes – When it comes to leashes, you will want something sturdy for a large dog. Some large dog owners forego standard leashes altogether, instead opting for stronger chains. It all depends on the strength of the dog, how well-trained the dog is, and your personal style. Forget about retractable leashes for large dogs. It will not be long before they are broken.

Toys – Dog toys are among the most important of large dog supplies. As a general rule, the larger the dog, the stronger the toy must be. It is also important to buy large toys. If the toys are too small, you run the risk of an accidental swallowing. Accidental swallowing is the number one reason for emergency veterinary visits. Real bone and knotted rawhide make for excellent toys. Most fabric toys should be avoided unless you want to buy them in bulk.

Food and Medicine – Large dogs do not require any special sort of food, but when you are buying medicines or flea treatments, be sure you are buying the appropriate dosage for your dog’s weight.

When buying large dog supplies, there is no need to go to a special store. Any pet store will have large dog supplies for your dog. Some people prefer to simply visit their local pet store, while others like to buy in bulk online. Online stores will usually have a wider selection of products at cheaper prices.

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