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Dallas Cowboys Jacket - Buying a Dallas Cowboys Jacket

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The Dallas Cowboys have the largest fan base of any other professional football team in the NFL. While most fans are from the community in which the team is based, Cowboys fans come from all across the country. Sometime during the 1970s, the Cowboys became “America’s Team,” and they have the ticket sales to prove it. Along with record ticket sales, the Dallas Cowboys have record merchandise sales.

The popularity of the team makes buying a Dallas Cowboys jacket a simple matter. You can find a Dallas Cowboys jacket at most of your local sports stores, no matter which part of the country you live in. For other teams outside your local area, you would be hard-pressed to find even a single piece of apparel.

The Dallas Cowboy’s logo, a dark blue five-pointed star with a white stripe inside a blue border, plays a prominent part in most Dallas Cowboys jackets. In surveys, the star logo representing Texas’ role as The Lone Star State was found to be the most recognizable logo of any American professional sports team. Despite this, some jacket styles downplay the star logo and go with the Cowboys script logo.

You can find a Dallas Cowboys jacket in several types and styles. The team has authentic jackets worn on the sidelines by players and coaches as well as jackets that are designed only for the consumer market. Jackets can come in different materials such as leather, polyester, polyurethane, canvas, and more. They also come in different weights to be used in different temperatures. Some jackets are manufactured by top sports companies, such as Reebok, that have been licensed to use the Cowboys name and logo.

The Dallas Cowboys official store currently sells a choice of seven different jackets in four styles, all modestly priced:

Dallas Cowboys Old School Track Jacket
The Old School Track Jacket celebrates 50 years of Dallas Cowboys legends. It features a gray upper-half and blue lower-half with horizontal white stripes on the arms and chest. On the front is a “D” logo for Dallas, and the back features a small star logo at the mid upper-back. It is made of polyester and has a zip-up front. It sells for $70.

Dallas Cowboys 50th Anniversary Hot Jacket
This is the official sideline jacket used by team members to stay warm during games. It features a 50th anniversary logo on the left breast. The back uses the Cowboys script logo. This jacket is made by Reebok and includes the Reebok logo and NFL logo on the sleeves. It also has side pockets to keep hands warm and a neckline zipper. It is available in three colors: white, navy, and gray. This jacket sells for 64.99.

Dallas Cowboys Midweight Jacket
The Midweight Jacket is used on the sidelines by team members when the hot jacket will not cut it. This jacket is made for frigid temperatures. It is made by Reebok and has the Reebok and NFL logos on the sleeves. The front left breast has the star logo, and the back has both the star and script logos. This jacket comes in dark blue with gray highlights on the back and sides. It has side pockets and a hood to protect against biting wind. List price for the midweight is $99.99.

Dallas Cowboys Flatline Midweight Jacket
The Flatline Midweight is not normally worn by team members, but it remains popular with fans. It has a polyester shell and polyester fleece interior lining. The front breast has the star logo and the back has the script logo with the words “NFC FOOTBALL” underneath. The jacket is navy blue with white highlights on the arms. The exposed zipper is white at the top and fades to blue at the bottom. This jacket sells for $79.99.

Dallas Cowboys Sideline Lightweight Jacket
This is the jacket worn by team members for slightly cool temperatures. It is a Reebok product with a Reebok and NFL logo on the sleeve. The front is emblazed with the star logo on the right and Dallas Cowboys across the chest. The jacket is navy blue with white stitching and is made of a polyester/nylon blend. It sells for $74.99.

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