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Tanning Bed Sale - Buying a Used Tanning Bed for Sale

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Tanning beds are a great way to keep a healthy-looking skin complexion during the winter months or whenever it is not convenient to get some real sun. However, going to a tanning salon can be just as inconvenient as going out to the beach and lying out under the sun. Not only are tanning salons inconvenient, but they can also be expensive. The best ways around these two problems is to buy a tanning bed for sale.

A tanning bed sale can be for several different types of tanning beds. Most new commercial tanning beds are prohibitively expensive. They may be using the best technology and have the sleekest look, but they are made as an investment, not for home purchase. Only slightly less expensive than new commercial tanning beds for sale are new home tanning beds. Home tanning beds have a more compact design than commercial beds, and some of them are made to run on 110-V electricity, but they are made for those who have money to burn and spare room in their mansion.

The best option for most people is to find a used tanning bed for sale. These are usually commercial tanning beds that have seen some use but are no longer necessary by the business that originally purchased them. Used tanning beds may not function as well as new beds, but for the price, you get more than enough power. By spending a few more dollars, you can replace the tanning lights in the bed so they work like new again.

Not every used tanning bed sales will have good beds. If you have never before bought a tanning bed and have no real knowledge of brands, how they work, and where they come from, you may end up taking home a large piece of scrap metal. Here are a few tips on buying a used tanning bed:

1. – Know the seller. A lot of sellers are commercial businesses who have experienced success and want to upgrade to better beds. Others are private sellers who decided they no longer have space in their home for the tanning bed. These are both in the category of good, legitimate sellers. There can also be bad sellers who know that the beds are beyond their lifetime or simply outright broken. Sometimes these sellers simply bought a bad brand of tanning bed. They got ripped off themselves and are trying to recoup their losses by passing the bad deal along.

2. – Know the bed. Not every tanning bed is a good product. Just like any other product, there are good models and bad models. You can discover which are which by reading reviews online. It is a simple matter to find online consumer reviews by people who have bought the beds previously. It may also be possible to find professional reviews by industry experts, but this may prove more difficult. Another way to find out which beds are good and which are bad is to find a local store that sells tanning beds. You can talk to the salespeople or even the owner about their opinions on some models.

3. – Buy locally. Finding a tanning bed for sale in your location will greatly reduce the risk of damage during transportation. Buying new beds online from a far away location is not a problem because new beds are professionally packaged for transporting. Used beds may not be packaged correctly and could be damaged before it even gets into your hands. Additionally, buying a used tanning bed locally allows you to inspect the bed and even test its operation before you buy. Anyone selling a used tanning bed should have no problem with you spending 10 to 15 minutes for a test run.

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