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Cheap Flight To Paris - Find a Cheap Flight to Paris

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With its 20% sales tax and plenty to see and do, Paris is an expensive destination for travelers. Finding a cheap flight to Paris is an important starting point for budget travelers who need to cut corners in order to get the most out of their journey. Many suggestions that apply to other flights apply to Parisian travel, while a few tricks—particularly for travelers coming from other European countries—can cut costs even more.

Begin your search early and decide when your departure date will be. A flexible departure date is ideal, as this will allow travel planners to cast a wide net in their search for deals. Generally speaking, flights will be cheaper mid-week, with Tuesday and Wednesday being the cheapest days to travel. If dates are particularly flexible, consider traveling during the Parisian off-season. Though France’s capital receives visitors throughout the year, cold winters and steamy summers make inbound travel more common in Spring and Fall, with spring in particular bringing a lot of tourists. To bolster the market, many airlines thus offer travel deals in January, February, July, and August. Major holidays like Valentine’s Day are exceptions to these off-season generalities.

Paris’s tourist population is served by three airports (with a fourth airport generally only used for air shows and business flights). Charles du Gaulle (CDG) receives most international traffic, while Orly (ORY) handles domestic and intra-European flights. A little further away is Beauvais-Tillé (BVA), a small international airport that receives mostly intra-European budget flights. Though Beauvais does not receive direct international traffic, connecting flights sometimes offer big savings for those willing to take a bus for the last 84 kilometers (52 miles). To include flights to Beauvais in a travel search, expand your search terms to include airports within that range. This is usually done with a pull-down window that lets you enter in “search for airports within 100 miles” or something to that effect.

The specifics of search terms will depend on what travel site you go through. Avoid sites like Orbitz that charge fees for their efforts and instead look to free services that are paid directly by the airlines. Such services include Travelzoo, Trip Advisor, and Kayak. Many websites (Travelzoo, Trip Advisor) offer e-mail alerts as well, where travelers can opt to receive automatic updates on new deals as they appear based on existing search terms.

Intra-European travel provides a few more options on travel sites. Denmark’s Momondo and the United Kingdom’s Skyscanner both help connect Parisian airports with other European countries, and their inclusion of smaller, local airlines means that some deals can be found here that do not appear on other travel search sites.

As with any flight, frequent flyer miles and other aircraft loyalty programs can also save money. Both United Airlines and Continental provide all sorts of incentives to keep travelers on-board with the company. Flying repetitively with the same airline has other benefits as well, including access to elite traveler status that can result in shorter lines, priority baggage, and other perks.

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