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Accredited Mba Programs - Choosing Accredited MBA Programs Online

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The most popular course of study to pursue for college graduate students is a Masters of Business Administration degree, more popularly known as an MBA. Accredited MBA programs and the degrees earned through them are recognized around the world as verification of the knowledge required for a successful business manager. An MBA degree can be a powerful tool in furthering your career and your earnings. The following starting annual salary information for MBA degree-holders in various industries speaks for itself:
• Government: $73,000
• Manufacturing/Services Industry: up to $98,000
• Tech industries: $99,000
• Utilities: $100,000
• Finance: $103,000
• Health Care Management: $111,000

In the U.S., the MBA program remained largely unchanged for many years after it was started at the turn of the 20th century. Recently, MBA programs have undergone extensive changes in order to keep up with modern business and life in today’s world. Part of these changes takes into consideration the fact that most students are driven into the workforce after receiving their bachelor’s degree. Once a full-time job is taken, it can be extremely difficult to continue on to graduate school.

In order to meet the demands of the working professional seeking to further their career, accredited MBA programs have successfully been converted into online courses. Online accredited MBA programs have several benefits. Here are just a few:

• Flexible Schedule – An online MBA program is designed to work around your already-busy schedule. It is made for adults in the working world. The average age of MBA degree students is 26, and most of them are in full-time jobs. This schedule helps you maintain a balance between family and school while still allowing you to make a living from your employment.

• No Traveling – There is no need to travel to classes several times a week to maintain your classroom attendance. Most MBA programs online have zero attendance requirements. A few of the programs require a one-time in-person orientation and some programs have an option for mixed online/classroom participation.

• Financial Aid and Assistance – Financial aid is available for online accredited MBA programs just as it is for traditional graduate programs. In addition, many employers offer tuition reimbursement to help you graduate as debt-free as possible.

When choosing a school with an MBA program it is important that they are fully accredited. Since the popularity of online programs has risen, many subpar institutions have come out of the woodwork offering MBA programs that do not meet standards. Accreditation comes from a select few private organizations that have met the standards of the U.S. Department of Education. They are regional organizations that make sure a school’s educational programs are valid. It is important to beware of schools who say they are accredited, but the accrediting organization is either non-existent or not legitimate. These are some of the most popular legitimate accrediting agencies:

• Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
• Distance Education and Training Council
• Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
• New England Association of Schools and Colleges
• North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
• Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
• Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
• Western Association of Schools and Colleges

If an employer or colleague finds out that your MBA degree was not the result of an accredited MBA program, it can have serious repercussions, including being fired.

There are many traditional private and state colleges that offer an accredited MBA program online. The most affordable programs are those from your local state-supported colleges. If your state universities and colleges do not offer MBA programs online, there are a number of national online colleges that have proven to have outstanding programs. Here are few of the top institutions offering accrediting MBA programs online:

University of Phoenix
Walden University
Northeastern University
Kaplan University
Keller Graduate School of Management

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