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Wedding Rings Sets - Buying Guide for Wedding Rings Sets - Types of Wedding Rings Sets, Styles of Wedding Rings Sets

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Engagement and wedding rings are often the first major purchase that an individual will make for a significant other or that a couple will make together. In the past it was popular to buy rings individually. In the 1980s it started to become a trend to buy a single engagement ring for the woman that would double as a wedding ring, and a separate wedding ring would be purchased for the man. Today, the trend has become to buy wedding rings sets. You may have heard friends or family talk about wedding rings sets but have no clue as to how to what to look for when shopping for them.

Types of Wedding Rings Sets

The first rule of wedding rings sets is that the term has different meanings to different people. When someone talks about wedding rings sets, they can be talking about one of three different types of sets.

The first type is the bridal wedding rings sets. Bridal wedding rings sets include two rings for the bride: an engagement ring and a wedding band. The rings will be of similar design, coordinated to be worn together. In many cases, the rings are meant to be worn together on the same finger at the same time. Before the wedding, only the engagement ring is worn, and after the wedding, both are worn together.

The second type of wedding rings sets are wedding band sets. Wedding band sets are composed of two wedding bands: a bride band and a groom band. This type of set is made for couples who already have an engagement ring. The wedding band set purchase is usually made as a couple. Wedding band sets are considered to be special because the bride and groom bands match or are made in a similar design.

The third type of wedding rings sets are called triple sets. As the name implies, this set includes three rings: the engagement ring, a bridal wedding band, and a groom’s wedding band. Triple sets coordinate the styles of all three rings, and buying the set saves a lot of trouble and hassle of separate purchases. This type of set is usually bought by couples who are planning their wedding together. Such a set often eliminates the surprise of a traditional proposal.

Styles of Wedding Rings Sets

Wedding rings sets are made in a variety of styles for every budget. They can include diamonds on each of the rings, diamonds on only the engagement ring, no diamonds at all, or even with other precious gemstones.

No matter the type of wedding ring set, one factor is certain – each ring will be made out of the same precious metal. More traditional wedding rings sets are made of yellow gold or white gold, but these are not the only precious metals available. The couple who is willing to spend a little more can opt for a platinum set. Couples who are on a budget may also choose to purchase one of several styles of silver wedding sets. Today, wedding rings sets do not have to be made of precious metals at all. Alternative metals are becoming popular and can include stainless steel, titanium, or tungsten. These metals can be engraved on the outside with patterns or designs, on the inside with a meaningful phrase, name or initials, or with no engraving.

The actual wedding ring designs are virtually limitless. Wedding rings sets are usually predesigned and ready to wear after sizing, but they can also be custom designed by the couple. Diamond settings, width, and accent stones can all be customized, as well as the cut of any center stones.

It is important to note that wedding rings sets that include both bride and groom rings may display marked differences between the men’s and women’s bands. Men’s bands are usually wider than women’s bands, making them more durable. The settings and details may be scaled to fit the added width or size. Sometimes, the settings and details can be totally different. When settings and details are different, the rings can be identified as a set by the type and color of the metal and the edging.

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