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English Korean Translation - How to Get the Best English Korean Translation

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Ever since armistice was called in the Korean Conflict in 1953, the United States and South Korea have enjoyed good business and political relations. This began deep economic and social relationships that exist today. English Korean translation remains a much-needed service both in Korea and here in the United States. English Korean translation is necessary for businesses to operate smoothly, to get visas to and from each of our countries, and to communicate with family members who, for one reason or another, have remained in Korea. It is estimated that there are over 2 million native Korean speakers in the U.S., today.

There are several methods available for obtaining English Korean translation, but not all of them yield the best results. Online instant translators should never be used for important translations. The results are typically weak or unrelated to the original input and they do not take into consideration the complexity of the Korean language. If you are simply chatting to someone casually online, these instant translators may serve the purpose, but even then, they can provide some truly horrendous translations that will not even vaguely get your point across.

In addition, many instant translations use a Korean character set that is not directly compatible with many other types of software or word processors. When you try to copy it into the media you need to send it, the Korean characters may be automatically converted into meaningless symbols because it is not compatible.

Korean is a difficult language to translate. Although it is argued whether or not it is descended from other East Asian languages, one fact is certain today – about 50 percent of modern Korean vocabulary is directly borrowed from China and Japan, and in many cases, the words retain the characters of their original language.

Another reason why Korean is difficult is began there are several different dialects. Korean has two standard dialects, Seoul and P’yongan, but also seven regional dialects. The language and vocabulary used by people from different regions can be very different from one another.

Because of the complexity of English Korean translation, it is recommended to use only human translators. You can find Korean translators who are competent in all dialects and the various nuances of the language both locally and online. Most major cities will have several sources for English Korean translation. If you do not live near a major city, searching online could be your best bet.

You can find three major types of services online offering human English Korean translation. One type of company is a big name translator that handles all languages. These companies usually outsource their translations to freelancers so you never know the qualifications of the person doing your translation. It is best to avoid companies that claim they can translate all languages to and from all other languages unless they can provide guarantees and can testify that they use a screening process that meets specific standards.

The second type of English Korean translation service you can find online is a Korean specialist translator. These are similar to the first type, but they deal only with Korean. They use a network of Korean-speaking people to translate any other language to and from Korean. These companies have some of the same pitfalls as the big translators, but if it is all you can find, Korean specialists may be preferable.

The third type of online English Korean translation service is a small individual or family service that may be operating out of a home or perhaps a Korean store in the U.S. These companies are often started by those who are fluent in both Korean and English. They can provide some of the best translations, but it is important to ask for educational qualifications and references from other customers.

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