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Clear Blue Fertility Monitor - Facts about the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor - How the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor Works, Tips for using the monitor

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The Clear Blue Fertility monitor is the perfect solution for couples who are trying to get pregnant. The monitor is completely non-invasive, and it works for women with both regular and irregular cycles. The company claims that it is 99 percent accurate in predicting the best times of the month to become pregnant, and it can identify up to six days when a woman is at her most fertile. The Clear Blue Fertility Monitor has been shown to maximize a couple’s chances of conception. .

How the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor Works

One thing many women will appreciate is how easy this monitor is to use. All it takes is a simple urine test to find out if you are fertile. The monitor comes with a test stick that measures the levels of various hormones in urine. The test shows whether a woman’s hormone levels are low, high, or peak. On peak hormone days, the woman is at her most fertile and will easily be able to become pregnant. After running the urine test, a woman can then program the monitor to keep track of her monthly cycle. She can also reset the monitor when her period starts.

Tips for using the monitor

There are a couple of things women should understand while using the Clear Blue fertility monitor. First, the best time of day to run the urine test is with the first urine of the day. Every day should have a window of about six hours when a woman can run her urine test. She can set this window when she resets the monitor for a new monthly cycle. It is very important to begin using the monitor on or after the fifth day of your cycle.

Women may not need to test their urine every morning. In order to find out if a test is required, the best thing to do is just switch the monitor on when you first get out of bed and before you use the bathroom. The monitor will require a urine test when it needs to check your hormone levels. Remember to hold the test stick so that it points down in your urine stream for about six seconds. Also watch for the flashing red light on the monitor to turn off, and then place the test stick in the slot until it clicks. The monitor takes about five minutes to run the test and give fertility status.

Couples who have not conceived after using the monitor for five consecutive cycles should see their doctor to find out if there is a medical cause that is preventing them from conceiving.

Reviews of the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor

Most women who use this fertility monitor report that it works wonders and makes it much easier for them to conceive. However, a few women think that the machine may be a bit off in predicting fertile days. They recommend using the machine as a guide and perhaps also using ovulation predictor sticks as a second method. This is because the machine does not allow you to read the ovulation sticks yourself. It just makes a general guess from the urine test, and that guess may be a bit off for some women, especially those who have irregular periods.

The monitor sells for about $150, and the urine sticks are priced around $35 for a 30-pack.

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