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American Nurse Association - Facts about the American Nurse Association - The History of the American Nurse Association, Certification, ANA Confereces

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The official name for the American Nurse Association is the American Nurses Association, which is often abbreviated as ANA. The organization bills itself as “the largest nursing organization in the U.S,” and it represents the interests of registered nurses through advocate nurse programs. The organization focuses on advancing the nursing profession and pushing for high standards of practice within the nursing profession. The organization promotes the rights of nurses and lobbies Congress and various regulatory agencies that have control over various aspects of the nursing profession. .

The History of the American Nurse Association

The American Nurses Association dates back to 1896, which is the year the first convention of the Nurses Associated Alumnae was held. The organization became the ANA in 1911. Interestingly, the first members of the ANA were not registered nurses at all. This is because there were not laws about licensing and nursing practices back then.


One of the most important parts of the American Nurses Association is credentialing. The American Nurses Credentialing Center certifies nurses for specialty practice areas. Nurses who are board certified by the ANCC are highly sought after in various specialties of medicine, like pediatrics, geriatrics, oncology, and other areas. The organization is the largest and most prestigious credentialing organization for nurses in the world, so any nurse who decides to become board certified certainly is adding a lot to her resume. Being board certified qualifies nurses for higher paying positions and allows them to qualify for positions they would not have otherwise. The prices for certification are less expensive for members of the organization, which start at $270 for initial certification for ANA members. Non-members will pay almost $400 for the same certification. Renewals of certifications are less expensive, starting at $200 for ANA members and $350 for non-members.

Nurses who wish to seek certification with the American Nurse Association will have to take a test. The organization offers a handbook to prepare for the test. There are many different credentials nurses can choose to earn, and each one has different eligibility requirements. Some common certifications include various types of nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialists, and nursing specialties. The best way to find out if you are eligible is to check the website of the American Nurses Association.

ANA Confereces

In addition to credentialing, many nurses choose to attend one of the organization’s many conferences. The National Magnet Conference is the most popular one, and it is typically held in October of each year. The purpose of the conference is for nurses to network and attend various seminars to continue their nursing education. Nurses who can’t afford the time or money to attend the conference can also check the live stream of the event on the event website. Rooms for the conference can be booked through the event website. Room prices typically range from $110 and up. Prices for the conference are not publicly advertised, but nurses wishing to attend can make contact through the organization website to find out prices. Also the event has various booths available for businesses wishing to market to nurses who are attending the conference.

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