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Cheap Flights From - How to Get Cheap Flights from Just about Anywhere

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Many people continue to avoid flying when they have to travel in the belief that airfare is too expensive. If you read the news, it would seem that they only way airlines even continue to operate is through raising their prices. Granted, airfares have slightly increased and airlines have turned what were once standard amenities into fee-based services, but airfare doesn’t have to be expensive. The savvy traveler can still get cheap flights from just about any airport by following a few guidelines.

Know When to Fly
This is the number one rule for finding cheap flights from anywhere in the world. Most every destination, especially tourist destinations, has a peak season. This peak season is the time of the year most people like to visit the location. The peak season can range from 2 months to 9 months and is usually based on average weather and climate conditions. You can save a lot of money by traveling in the off-season. Off-season vacations don’t mean you are going to be trapped in a blizzard or washed out to sea by monsoons. Hawaii’s peak season is mid-December to mid-April. You can get cheap flights from and to Hawaii while still in the range of great weather conditions by travelling in May or October.

Know When to Buy Tickets
There is no easy answer for knowing exactly when to buy a ticket to get a cheap flight from your destination. Many sources agree that the best prices for tickets can be found at three weeks before the flight. If you purchase the tickets before that, prices are higher because they are still in the broad forecast. At about 15 days before the flight, prices generally go up as this is when tickets are purchased most often. Generally, tickets go up again at about the 7 day mark.

These timing rules, however, are not hard and fast. There are plenty of exceptions. Some of the biggest exceptions are last-minute airfare deals. When flights are dramatically undersold with only a few days left to go, the airlines can slash prices by up to 50%. If you are planning a flight with less than a week’s notice, it can pay to wait until the last minute. If you are buying online, many websites have a feature to see what seats are remaining on the flight. If there are only a few seats left, you might as well buy now because the flight could get sold out. On the other hand, if the flight is less than half-full, wait it out. Prices almost always drop.

Use the Internet
The Internet is a traveler’s best friend. You can find cheap flights from anywhere by following this internet search tactic. First, check out all the big name travel sites. This includes Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity. Some sites allow you to search multiple sites at once, but they are not really necessary. Be sure to check nearby airports instead of just the major airport at the location. Oftentimes airfare and a shuttle can be cheaper than arriving at the airport nearest your destination. If you plan on renting a car, the savings can be even greater.

The next step is to use flight aggregator websites. These websites search deals on the internet from websites and direct from airlines. Many flights are not included in the major Internet travel companies’ listings. Discount airlines such as Southwest and Allegiant are not listed with any of them.

If you still haven’t found a cheap flight from your airport to your destination, check directly through the airline websites. Airline websites can offer flights and deals that may not be listed anywhere else. Booking a flight directly from an airline flight can also save you $5 to $15 in booking fees charged by other sources.

If you are traveling internationally, don’t be afraid to book tickets on airlines from your destination country. Many people are afraid that airlines based in another country do not meet the standards of U.S. airlines, but quite often, the opposite is true. Many foreign airlines have higher standards, more comfortable seats, and still provide amenities that are unheard of by U.S. airlines, such as full, hot meals with real silverware, personal comfort packages that include slippers, an eye-mask, and other small items. Or even frequent wine or drink service during the course of the flight. Prices are often comparable or cheaper than domestic airlines.

Another tip for international flights is to check websites from your destination country. Many are available in English and offer deals that cannot be found anywhere else.

Check Locally
The last tip for getting a cheap flight from your home airport to wherever you may need to go is to check local travel agencies. Travel agencies have specialized computer software for booking flights that can sometimes find cheaper fares. In addition, some travel agencies have exclusive deals that only they can provide.

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