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Quoizel Tiffany Lamp - Selecting a Quoizel Tiffany Lamp

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In the late 19th century a revolution in interior decorating was began by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tiffany began his career as a painter and later as an interior designer, being commissioned to design for the Mark Twain House and for President Arthur’s move into the White House. He afterward, he turned his attention to his true passion, glassmaking and glass decorating. The result of his efforts was a unique style of stained glass that came to bear his name: Tiffany. One of his favorite uses for his glass was in designing handcrafted lamps and lampshades.

Today, Tiffany lamps are world-renowned heirloom pieces that routinely sell for a minimum of $10,000. Because authentic Tiffany lamps command such high prices yet remain in high demand, the Tiffany name has now become acceptable to be used by current companies manufacturing lamps in the same style. Regardless of legality, these companies call their lamps Tiffany lamps, prefacing “Tiffany” with their company name. In recent years, it has become acceptable to drop the preface as long as the company is not trying to pass them off as authentic originals.

The manufacturers of modern Tiffany lamps are not all inferior companies with inferior products. Some of these companies adhere to strict quality standards and deliver high quality products. One such lamp to meet these high standards is the Quoizel Tiffany lamp. Quoizel Tiffany Lamps are manufactured both as replicas of designs by Louis Comfort Tiffany and from their own original designs. For those who cannot afford an authentic Tiffany lamp, a Quoizel Tiffany lamp is the next best thing.

Quoizel (pronounced Kwoi-ZEL) was founded in New York City in the 1930. For 34 years they remained a small niche company, barely scraping by with a limited product line. When Ira Phillips, the current owner of Quoizel, joined the company in 1964, he expanded their product lines which led to expansion of the company. Today, the company employs 319 people in three locations and two distribution centers, including the company headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina.

Quoizel Tiffany lamps have become just as renowned as authentic Tiffany lamps, but have the advantage of a much lower price tag. They have been offered as prizes on the TV game show The Price is Right for three decades. They have also been featured on several TV shows and movies, including General Hospital, CSI, NYPD Blue, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The Quoizel Tiffany lamp collection currently consists of 84 pieces in several different styles. The most popular styles are floor lamps and table lamps, but they are also made in flush-mount and hanging ceiling styles. Other styles with a few Quoizel Tiffany selections are chandeliers, track lighting, wall fixtures, and accent lighting.

Quoizel Tiffany lamps are not sold directly by the company. Instead they are sold by top retailers all over the country. Some of the retailers that carry Quoizel Tiffany lamps include Capitol Lighting, LL Bean, Horton Electric Supply, Lamps Plus, and many other smaller, private retailers. Prices vary by retailer and specific lamp, but range from $150 for small pendant lamps up to $1,000 for large hanging bowl lamps. Standard table and floor lamps are generally between $250 and $750.

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