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Internet Cable Service - Choosing an Internet Cable Service Provider - Cox Communications, Comcast, Roadrunner

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In some areas, choosing an internet cable service provider is a simple as selecting the only provider in your area, but most places in the country offer a wide range of choices in internet cable services. All of these choices are great, but how can a consumer know if he is choosing the right provider? We have taken a closer look at the providers that offer internet cable service in most parts of the U.S. and chosen the top three service providers, based on customer reviews.

Cox Communications

Cox Communications wins high praise from PC Mag, which rates it the best cable internet service provider. The reason this provider gets such high marks is because of its reliability and speed, two of the most important aspects customer look for in internet service. The only downside is that the service has no anti-spam or antivirus tool, and there are no parental controls. However, if you are planning to create a personal website, Cox will give you 70 MB of space to do that, so it is probably the best choice for you if you want to have your own website. There are also seven email accounts attached to each Cox account, so each member of the family can have at least one email address. Cable internet from Cox averages about $25 per month for the best package, which is the second step in the company’s list of packages. The lowest package just isn’t enough for the average internet user because it only offers 3 MB download speeds. The average provider gives at least 12 MB download speed.


Comcast is one of the most widespread internet cable services. The good thing about this company is the fact that there are so many different choices available. Customers can choose to pay more for a faster internet speed, or they can choose the standard $20 per month package. The one area in which customers consistently give Comcast high ratings is in speed, so this provider is definitely the way to go if you are looking for a fast internet service. Customers who have the service say the price beats that of other cable internet providers, and for $20 a month, the price is extremely hard to beat. The service is very easy to sign up for. Customers can even choose easy internet signup if they wish. Also Comcast is known for having plenty of security for users to take advantage of, so this may be a good choice for someone who is overly worried about internet security.


Roadrunner is Time Warner’s cable internet service product in many parts of the country. One thing customers will notice about Roadrunner is that it is a bit more pricey than Comcast is up front. The standard package with Roadrunner starts at $35 per month, but the good news is that upgrading to a faster speed with Roadrunner is only an extra $10 per month, compared to $15 to $20 with Comcast. However, Roadrunner does not quite have the speed advantage that Comcast has, even by paying just a bit more. That is the one thing customers complain about with Roadrunner, although the majority believes that the technical support with Roadrunner is better than with Comcast. Also Roadrunner offers better prices for customers who bundle their phone and cable television services into one package.

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