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Hedge Funds List - Barron’s Hedge Fund List - Paulson’s Credit Opportunities Fund, Balestra Capital Partners, Other Firms to Watch

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Each year Barron’s publishes its Hedge Fund List of the top 100 hedge funds. A hedge fund is a very aggressive portfolio of investments that has a very limited range of investors. Hedge Funds require investors to keep their money in them for at least a year, but they typically offer extremely high returns compared to other types of investment accounts. This year’s hedge fund list from Barron’s is especially interesting because of the recent economic downturn. For 2010, investors are seeing smaller hedge funds topping the list because they are stronger and longer lasting.

About 2,000 hedge funds have gone out of business since the economic crises began in 2008, so it seems pretty clear that the funds that are still left standing now are worth taking a closer look at.

Paulson’s Credit Opportunities Fund

Number one on the list is the Credit Opportunities Fund from Paulson’s. This fund blew all of the other funds out of the water, offering almost 123 percent earnings on the investment dollars. The next closest fund was about half of that, so it seems pretty clear that this fund, and any other hedge funds from Paulson’s, should be on the top of anyone’s watch list for hedge funds. In fact, Paulson’s was the only firm that had two different hedge funds in the top 10 of Barron’s list for 2010, so this is definitely the firm to watch for hedge funds. Paulson’s Advantage Fund was seventh place on this year’s hedge funds list, bringing in 41 percent return. Also the Paulson International Fund made spot number 30, which makes this investment firm the clear leader which it comes to hedge funds to watch.

Balestra Capital Partners

In second place on the hedge funds list for 2010 is the global macro fund from Balestra Capital Partners. However, this fund may be loosing some of its glow as the global market recovers. It performed amazingly for the first two years of the recession, although it gained only four percent in 2009. However, this fund is still worth watching because the firm is obviously doing something right. Investors should take a close look at this fund and its gains in 2010 before determining how much, if any, staying power it has.

Other Firms to Watch

Investors should also pay attention to several other firms that ended up with multiple funds on the top 100 list for 2010. BlueCrest is probably the most notable investment company because it had three hedge funds in the top list. Odey Asset Management is another firm to watch because it had two funds on the top 100 list. In fact, Odey Asset Management’s OEI Mac fund actually came in sixth on the overall list, bringing in almost 42 percent in returns. Shumway Capital’s SCP Sakonnet Fund came in ninth place, and it also had another fund take a spot in the top 100, so keep an eye on that investment firm also.

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