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Outdoor Globe Light - Shopping for the Right Outdoor Globe Light - Simple globe lights, Trans Globe lights, Other outdoor globe lights

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Selecting an outdoor globe light depends on a handful of different factors. The most important thing to think about is exactly how you intend to use the globe light. Some lights are lamp posts, while others are meant to be mounted on the house. Also some globe lights even come in a string of lights, which creates a very festive outdoor atmosphere. It all boils down to exactly what kind of light you want for your outdoor space.

Simple globe lights

In most cases, a simple outdoor globe light will be all that is needed. Consumers can choose from either clear globes or frosted, although both give out the same amount of light. Usually frosted globes emit a softer light. To purchase an outdoor globe light that gives off the most light, look for a larger one that is at least 14 or 18 inches. Simple globe lights are the least expensive and often provide the most light possible because they do not have any frills. They also provide a very simplistic approach to outdoor lighting.

Trans Globe lights

Consumers who are looking for a little more style may be more interested in a Trans Globe light. Trans Globe is one brand name that provides outdoor light fixtures that look similar to lanterns. Many customers appreciate the style and the quality of this brand name, although the lights are not actually in a globe shape. Customers who purchased Trans Globe lights say that the lights were of very high quality and able to withstand various weather conditions.

Other outdoor globe lights

For those who are looking to create a festive outdoor space, there are plenty of different options. One of the most interesting ways to add festive lighting to your yard is with a string of globe lights. These lights can liven up any outdoor gathering without the holiday look of Christmas lights.

Another great choice in an outdoor globe light is a lamp post. Lamp posts can come in various shapes and sizes, although a globe lamp post creates a very classic appearance. Globe lamp posts are perfect for the front yard, and many of them are very easy to wire into your home electricity system. Consumers can choose from a wide variety of colors and metals in lamp posts, which is one of the reasons they add so much variety to a yard. Wrought iron is a very popular type of post, and it looks wonderful with a white globe light because of the contrast in colors. This type of post also adds a very classic look. Posts also come in silver or more rustic colors like Burnt Siena. Some posts even come in brass or white, while others go for black metal and a more Eastern appearance, much like you would expect in a Japanese home.

No matter what kind of outdoor globe light you like best, there are plenty of options to suit any style.

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