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Cole And Haan - Shopping for Cole and Haan Designer Shoes

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Although many people make the simple mistake of misnaming Cole Haan fashions as Cole and Haan, the company was indeed founded by Cole and Haan. Cole Haan is a major fashion design company that offers casual and formal lines of clothing and accessories, including shoes, belts, handbags, hats, outerwear, and eyewear.

Cole Haan was originally founded by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan in 1928 Chicago. The partners worked to make their names representative of quality, style, and exceptional service. The company initially focused on men’s footwear, but soon expanded into women’s shoes, as well.

For the next 45 years, the company remained cutting edge but still relatively unknown in mainstream America. When the company was sold to an investment partnership in 1975, they pushed Cole Haan into the mainstream, becoming one of the leading brands of footwear in the country.

Seven years later, with Cole and Haan out of the picture, the company launched a chain of branded retail stores, so the company no longer had to rely on outside retailers. Cole Haan stores can now be found in most major U.S. cities, including Chicago, New York, Beverly Hills, and Miami. In addition they also operate internationally with locations as far away as Tokyo, Japan.

In 1988, Cole Haan was purchased by Nike, but the company continues to operate largely independently of Nike from its Maine headquarters and New York City design center. In the late 1990s the companies began their first marketing and manufacturing crossover by introducing Nike Air technology into Cole Haan shoes.

Today, the brainchild of Cole and Haan offers both men’s and women’s shoes in a number of styles. Women’s shoes include ballets, boots, lace-ups, Mary Janes, mocs, mules, pumps, sandals, slides, slings, slippers, thongs, and wedges.

Men’s shoes also include styles for every occasion: boots, loafers, mocs, Oxfords, sandals, slides, and thongs.

Every season, the company introduces several new styles of shoes, and they also have several specialty collections.

Here are some of the most popular new styles of women’s Cole Haan shoes:

Air Georgina Tall Boot – This autumn and winter boot is made for high fashion. They feature a leather sock lining with padding and concealed Nike Air technology. The upper is a smooth burnished calfskin that attached directly to the sole, ending in a semi-rounded toe. Two inner-leg side clasps complete the upper, but the main feature of the boot is the 3.5” slender stacked heel. These boots are available in black, dark Woodbury, and ¾ black with the upper ¼ dark Woodbury. List price is $548.

Air Olivia Lace – The Air Olivia Lace is a minimalist show that has a mini-stacked ultra-low heel and a shallow closed toe adorned with a double-looped lace and tassels. The upper is soft vachetta, and the interior use the standard concealed Nike Air technology with a padded leather sock lining. The sole buffed for softness. An added design accent includes an all-around mini-hole punch. Colors available are black, dark Woodbury, and dark Aubergine. List price is $158.

Carma Air OT Weave – This shoe features a weaved upper at the heel and toe, but has a solid mid section with a thin 6-hole lace-up. The toe is open, and the heel is 3 ¼” with a mini platform. Colors for the Air OT Weave are black and dark Woodbury. List price is $348.

Here are some of the most popular new styles of men’s Cole Haan shoes:

Claremont Camp Moc – The Claremont Camp Moc is a traditionally-styled loafer with around-the-heel laces, but hey tie through the tongue in front instead of over it. The laces are simple leather strands, and this style is tassel-free. They come in dark brown and saddle tan. List price is only $148.

Air Liam Dress Boot – This new style of boot is mid-height and exposes no clue as to the Air Nike technology concealed within. Air Liam dress boots have leather soles with a burnished leather edge and a forepart made of rubber that gives it weatherproof properties. The final feature of the boot is the stacked leather heel. They are available in medium brown and black. List price is $248.

Air Nerali Moc Ox – The Air Nerali Moc Ox is a formal shoe made with an Italian calfskin upper with authentic Bologna construction. The Nike Air technology is expertly concealed, as it is with all Cole Haan Air dress shoes. Available colors are nutmeg calf and black calf. The list price is a little higher than the previous two styles at $378.

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