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Sector 9 Skateboard - Buying a Sector 9 Skateboard

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The Sector 9 skateboard is said to be the original longboard. Sector 9 was founded in La Jolla, California back in 1993, but was bought out by parent company, Billabong International. Their products are made for those fully into the skateboarding lifestyle. They have a line of clothing and accessories, but Sector 9’s specialty will always be skateboards. Here is the current lineup of Sector 9 skateboard series’.

Bamboo Series
The Bamboo Series of Sector 9 skateboard is their line that shows their commitment to environmentalism and experimentalism. They are some of the first boards ever to be made 100 percent out of bamboo. Bamboo is one of the strongest renewable resources that can be used for a board. Bamboo is not only strong but resilient, and it can grow four feet in a single week, instead of the decades it would take grow back other wood trees. Boards from this series range from 26.5” to 46” in length. They have Hawaiian/beach-themed prints and sell for $140 to $190.

Carving Series
The Carving Series is inspired by freedom and travelling with speed down the long and winding road. These are the ultimate cruising boards. They are constructed out of either 7-layer Maple pressboard or 11-layer birch. The range in length from 40” to 47.75”. Most are in the infamous “taco” design, but the California board has an extended back reaching almost to a point. Boards in this series sell for $150 to $170.

Cloud 9 Series
The Cloud 9 Series is so named because the times you are riding them will be the happiest of your life. While this series was primarily made for cruising, they are adaptable to hard-pounding street skating. The prominent feature of these boards is the upturned fishtail. They range in size from 37.5” to a whopping 55” in length for the Luke board. They are constructed of either 7-ply or 9-ply maple for strength and durability. The prints are of a skater riding a psychedelic wave. They sell for $79.99 to $145.

Cosmic Series
This series is made specifically for the sidewalk. These are true street boards designed to provide motion and steering that is as fluid as running water. The core of most of these boards is 4-ply maple wrapped or sandwiched in fiberglass to handle anything the street can throw at them. Two of the longer boards in the series, the Lombok and the Deserts use 7-ply maple without the fiberglass. Many of these boards are 36” and under, with the shortest being only 29.75”. They range in price from $165 to $175.

Deep End Series
The Deep End Series is made for parks and pools. They have been redesigned several times over the years, ever reaching toward perfection. They have a classic design with double upturned, rounded-edge ends. They are all constructed of 7-ply maple and feature designs with heavy metal or reggae themes. These boards list for $119.99

Platinum Series
The Platinum Series represents the most technologically advanced Sector 9 skateboards. They are of the highest quality materials and made for those who want to show they can ride in style. These boards feature the progressive bottle-nose design at both ends. They range in length from 37.7” to 46”. Each board is constructed differently. Some use 7-ply maple, and others use 8-ply maple, but the majority are made of 5-ply maple with a carbon fiber drop through mount. Prices range from $169.99 to $225.

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