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Netgear Wireless Bridge - Purchasing a NetGear Wireless Bridge - Standard NetGear Wireless Bridge, Print Server, Gaming Bridge

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A NetGear wireless bridge is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to connect computers or other electronics wirelessly. NetGear is one of the leading brands in routers and wireless bridges, and customer reviews of most NetGear products show that the average consumer simply cannot go wrong with a NetGear wireless bridge. Of course NetGear does make several different kinds of wireless bridges, and it is important to understand the differences among them before you go shopping.

Standard NetGear Wireless Bridge

In most cases, a standard wireless bridge is all that is necessary. Computer users who consider themselves to be average can get away with just a standard bridge from NetGear. This includes anyone who runs just one computer or one gaming console connected to the internet at a time. Computer users who use two or more computers at the same time will need something a bit more advanced, like a gaming bridge. The best standard NetGear wireless bridge is probably the 5 Ghz wireless-N HD access point/bridge. This product offers minimal interference because it operates on a 5 Ghz frequency rather than a 2.4 Ghz frequency, which is where most wireless products operate. Customers who have purchased this product say it offers a whole host of networking capabilities. The only thing you should keep in mind is that if you want it to operate as a bridge, you will need two of them. However, users say that this bridge is one of the easiest to set up, so it certainly is worth it to buy two of them to make a bridge. This product retails for about $50 to $120, depending on whether you can find it on sale and whether you purchase it in a retail store or on the internet.

Print Server

One of the most common types of wireless bridges is the print server, and NetGear manufactures a great 54 Mb per second bridge that has a four port switch. The NetGear WGP S606 is perfect for small offices that need a print server. It sells for $99, which is a great price for a print server. The only bad thing about this product is that it can be a bit difficult to configure.

Gaming Bridge

Another part of this market that NetGear dominates is the gaming bridge area. Gamers tend to need a lot more bandwidth and a much faster connection, so a gaming bridge will offer the highest quality of these specs. Within the NetGear family, the clear choice is the Gaming Wireless N Networking Kit. This kit is very easy to set up and use, and it also operates on the 5 Ghz frequency. Customers who have purchased this kit say that they have multiple electronics connected to it, including an Apple TV, TVO, and Playstation 3. A gaming bridge like this kit should be able to handle all of those connections with no problem, unlike a standard wireless bridge that is not made for that kind of use. This product sells for around $250.

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