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Ann Arbor Property - Searching for Ann Arbor Property - Land, Single Family Homes and Condos

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Finding Ann Arbor property can be a complicated job, but it becomes a lot easier when you understand a little bit about the area. Ann Arbor, Michigan is located in the southeastern corner of the state. Over 100,000 people live in the city, and about a third of the city’s residents are college students. This is because Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan. Ann Arbor is located right on the Huron River, which means there is waterfront property located there. The city is known as “Tree Town,” which means you can expect to find plenty of trees everywhere throughout the city.

Ann Arbor has plenty of homes and open spaces for sale, so finding the right Ann Arbor property for you is simply a matter of knowing what you are looking for and determining which part of the city you want to purchase the property in.


One of the first things people looking for Ann Arbor property will notice is that it comes at a bit of a premium. Vacant land is priced in the millions of dollars for about 100 square acres. The greatest majority of vacant land in Ann Arbor is zoned residential, but there are a few industrial and commercial properties that are available. Fifteen acres of industrial-zoned property is priced at $1.4 million, so it is easy to see just how much a lot of a premium land sells for.

Single Family Homes and Condos

Most Ann Arbor property consists of single family homes, and shoppers can find pretty much any kind of house they want. Home prices range from the lower $100,000 range up into the several million dollar range. There are old homes and newer ones, including homes that are in brand new subdivisions and others that have not even been built yet. There are homes of all ages in all price ranges, and the homes are pretty well scattered around. Expect to pay extra for a home that is right on the Huron River. Also, large homes that are located out in the country tend to be more pricy than standard homes that are located in the city.

The City of Ann Arbor tends to be divided mostly by architectural style of the homes more than anything. Contemporary style homes are located toward the downtown area, and they tend to be on the more expensive side, especially the trendy condo communities like Tower Plaza, which is the tallest building in Ann Arbor. Most of the homes that are located near the University of Michigan are rented by students, so you may have a difficult time finding property near there. If you are looking for historic charm in your next home, look for Ann Arbor property in the Old West Side neighborhood, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. This neighborhood has been preserved in 19th century style, including everything from the homes to the local shops and the streets themselves.

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