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Bronze Wall Sconce - A Guide to Selecting a Bronze Wall Sconce - Trans Globe, Sea Gull, Elegante, Kichler

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A bronze wall sconce is a beautiful way to add character to any space. Sconces can come in just about any style you wish, from classical, to Eastern, to contemporary. Also a bronze wall sconce can cost as little as $20 or as much as several hundred dollars, so there really is no limit to your imagination. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular brand names in bronze wall sconces.

Trans Globe

Trans Globe is one of the premier names in bronze wall sconces. Most of the offerings from this manufacturer involve a sconce that hangs on the wall and has a shade that looks much like a lantern. Trans Globe also tends to turn out very classically styled sconces, although with a slightly modern twist. A bronze wall sconce from this manufacturer is sure to be timeless and never go out of style. Prices for lighting fixtures from Trans Globe are usually around $100.

Sea Gull

Another great company that makes several bronze wall sconces is Sea Gull. The choices from this designer are typically much more simplistic than the ones from Trans Globe. Often they consist of one or two small shades fixed to the sconce with very little decoration. Anyone who is looking for a very simple sconce to add some lighting to their home should check out the ones from Sea Gull. This manufacturer is also a great choice for someone who is trying to watch her budget, as the sconces run between $50 and $70 in most cases.


For those who are looking for a fancy-looking bronze wall sconce for not a lot of money, Elegante is the answer. The sconces made by this manufacturer are much fancier than the ones made by Sea Gull, and even a touch fancier than the ones made by Trans Globe. The manufacturer uses lights that look like candles in some of its sconces. Usually the fixtures from this manufacturer are around $80, and they are often easily found inside your local Target store.


Kichler is one company that offers the most unique and stylish bronze wall sconces. For example, some home owners will be delighted to see that Kichler makes some sconces and lighting fixtures with the designer Tiffany, which is well known for lamp shades and other very expensive and stylish light fixtures. Of course the Tiffany name adds to the price of the piece, but it also ensures that the piece has the unique style that only Tiffany products can offer. Kichler’s Tiffany products tend to have a much more historic or classical style, although the manufacturer also offers more contemporary sconces with clean lines. This company’s sconces can look like large glowing candles or small light fixtures attached to the wall. Kichler probably has the widest selection of styles of all three companies. The prices of Kichler fixtures are typically $100 or more.

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