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Disney Baby Crib Bedding - A Beginner's Guide to Disney Baby Crib Bedding

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Disney imagery is a popular feature on baby crib bedding sets. The Disney franchise includes such broadly recognized characters as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and the various Disney princesses. Whether buying used from an e-merchant or walking away from the Disney Store with a brand new set, there is something for everybody within the broad range of Disney baby crib bedding.

Note: All prices in this article refer to price checks conducted October 2010.

Crown Crafts Infant Products produces the majority of Disney baby crib bedding, marketed through JC Penny, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and other retailers. Some of their products are even available through the Disney Store itself, an international chain of stores that provide upscale products decorated with Disney imagery.

Among its other products, the Disney Store features 43 “items for baby”, targeting infants ranging from 0-24 months of age. Within this category can be found three four-piece Winnie the Pooh crib bedding sets, each for $179.95 new. “Day in the Park” features the Pooh characters at play, “Up and Away” commemorates Pooh’s balloon ride to the honey tree, and “Sweet as Hunny” depicts the silly old bear indulging his signature sweet-tooth. All three items can be purchased online at the Disney Store.

Included in Crown Craft’s lines are more than a hundred different products. Among their more popular products is the “Moonlight Mickey” 3-piece set, which start near $50 at several retailers. This set is decorated with moons, stars, and other evening images to create a soft, evening-themed look. Also available from Crown Crafts is the girly pink Disney Baby Minnie set, beginning near $75.

Also for girls, there are many Disney baby crib beddings with a Disney princess theme. Crown Crafts’ “Disney Little Princess Stories” features all the signature heroines from Disney’s animated films for prices in the $60 range.

A discount option for Disney baby crib bedding is the “Mickey and Friends” three-piece crib set, starting at $25 online. Featuring sleepy-looking baby versions of Mickey, Donald, and Minnie, this set has been around for a long time and is quickly recognizable.

To purchase Disney baby crib beddings, customers have many options. Brick-and-mortar stores that stock Disney baby products include JC Penny, Babies R Us, Baby Depot, Baby Supermall, Buy Buy Baby, K-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, and any number of secondhand stores. To rapidly sift through the best deals, sites like Amazon and Ebay can provide overstocked, discounted, and/or slightly used bedding from various merchants. Furthermore, bedding search sites like Bedding On Us and Buzzillions provide product reviews and links to related merchants, including small merchants that may not appear on major online retailers.

Disney baby crib bedding sets tend to come in three- or four-piece varieties. A three piece set will include a comforter, crib sheet, and bumper. Four piece sets add a dust ruffle, which is a decorative cloth that runs along the bottom of the bed.

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