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Cheap Flights To Uk - How to Get Cheap Flights to the UK

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No matter their cost, flights to Europe remain popular, especially those to the United Kingdom. Many American like the idea of travelling overseas and still be amidst a majority English-speaking population. Because, these flights are always popular, it can be difficult to find cheap flights to the UK.

It is commonly assumed that people flying into the UK are heading directly into London. With Heathrow Airport being the world’s third-busiest, this assumption is often true, but there are a number of other large airports that may have cheap flights to the UK, including Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Edinburge, East Midlands, and Birmingham. There are also smaller commercial airports scattered throughout the country that make it easier to fly directly into wherever your destination may be, but they can complicate matters when looking for cheap flights to the UK.

Your first instincts when choosing a flight will be to find a direct flight to your destination in the UK. Choosing direct flights is rarely the cheapest option. You can often get a cheap flight to a UK destination by flying into London. Always do a comparative search on the price for a flight to your destination versus the cheapest flight to any UK destination. Going through Manchester airport can sometimes help you get cheap flights to the UK.

Once you are in the UK, you can get a connecting flight to your destination city on one of Britain’s economy airlines. This combination of flights will often be your best bet for cheap flights to UK destinations. Once you are in the UK, these are the airlines you should check for the best deals:

• RyanAir – Flies to 160 destinations in Europe, including 24 in the UK.
• EasyJet – Has just as many destinations across Europe as RyanAir, plus 17 in the UK.
BMI – Has 14 UK destinations, and is the only discount airline with full service.
• Air Southwest – A great airline for flights to Wales and the southwest UK.
• ScotAirways – Fly to Scotland cheap on this airline.

Here are some other tips for finding cheap flights to the UK:

• Check ticket prices early. Check prices early, but don’t buy until there are only three weeks left until your planned departure. Ticket prices can often go down during this time, but once you get inside the three week mark, the general trend is for ticket prices to rise.
• Check for deals directly from the airlines. They often have direct deals that are not offered from any other source. Do not limit yourself to only U.S. airlines. British airlines can often have cheaper flights. Be sure to check British Airways and Virgin Atlantic for overseas flights.
• The UK does not have a peak season. It is a year-round destination. However, flights tend to be less expensive from December to February and June to August.
• If you are a student, you can use your status to get cheap flights to the UK. Always ask about student fares instead of searching for regular fares.

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