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Domain Site Registration - Domain Site Registration Continues at Rapid Rate

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The days of free domain sites on the Internet are long gone. Due to popularity beyond reasonable expectations, it has become so difficult to come up with effective original domain names some registrars offer search tools to help figure it out.

Just imagine the huge jump in Internet users and it should be understandable as to why there have been some growing pains in Internet usage.

In 1985 a computer company in Massachusetts claimed the very first domain site registration on the Internet. On March 15 they claimed the domain name Symbolics.com under .com generic top level domain.

Just 7 years later about 15,000 domain sites were registered under the .com domain.

Then the digital revolution took the Internet by storm. In 2009 over 192 million domain site registrations—many under the Top Level Domain (TLD) site .com, were listed.

Initially, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) was the top rung of all things Internet. ICANN certified registrars to provide domain names. Registrars were in charge of service for all top level domains. TLDs were split into a generic section and a section of codes for countries and governments. Familiar generic domain names like .com, .org or .net then allowed subdomains. Domain site registration continued in that fashion into second level and lower level domains.

Due to money to be made with the best domains and other factors involved, some speculation and controversy is often linked with dispersing domain site registration. Accusations of corruption and illegal tactics continue. Domain hacking, hijacking, front running names and all sorts of illegal attempts seem to keep surfacing.

Another Internet issue that goes beyond dollar signs involves sites intended for adult only who lure young people to click into their pages. In response, the United States came up with a law call The Truth in Domain Names Act in 2003 intended to make sure holders of domain site registrations included a URL address clearly labeling content. In reality, limited resources hamper enforcement and significant reduction in the volume of vendors who operate outside the law.

In contrast, since the number of domain site registrations and those using the Internet keeps increasing throughout the world, possibilities exist for ethical businesses to thrive. The driving force behind getting certain names through domain site registration is for attention through traffic to a designated site. The right domain names equal profit from search engine optimization and advertising. Any person or business trying to achieve a well known brand name wants those domains.

When done properly, administrators must keep track of all necessary information including all of the domain names officially listed within a registry. Top level domains have all the authorized titles and domain site registration details from all the registrars within the registry.

Once all domain site registration is filtered down and published it can be tracked. That makes it possible to find the authorized owner of a domain site. Of course, the owner does not literally own any piece of the Internet but rather pays a fee to use a specific domain site registration name.

Regarding fees and usage, some parties offer low cost or no cost options for domain site registration due to organized plans designed to increase traffic and make profits. Revenue from web hosting is one way a domain holder can benefit. Websites can be linked within the domain and set up to go through the owner’s content.

Anyone interested in domain site registration to start their own site can find all kinds of options on line.
Statistics are available at several credible government and other TLD sites. Many reputable companies provide subdomain options but many shady deals also exist. Like most Internet dealings, consumers need to apply common sense and expert advice before paying for any domain site registration.

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