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Metrologic Barcode Scanners - Metrologic Barcode Scanners Offer Versatility

ms920 voyager ap 5500 optimus s series metrologic ms 2320 stratos h

Metrologic offers a diverse line of top quality barcode scanners. From value priced dependable scanners to the exclusive technology of Metrologic’s CodeGate, the company provides a barcode scanner to meet most business demands.

The cutting-edge technology of CodeGate gives highly accurate reads even in difficult scan settings involving more than one barcode. Metrologic barcode scanners include other technology features such as holographic and laser equipment suited for industrial applications. The convenience of remote scanning joins the efficiency of multi-directional scanners as part of the Metrologic product line.

Metrologic barcode scanners are available in a variety of model types and sizes. Enclosed projection models for POS (point-of-sale) needs like the scanners used in a grocery store checkout lane, to hand-held models in a variety of sizes used for taking inventory or checking in stock, are all offered by Metrologic.

With a large selection of barcode scanners available in the Metrologic brand, prices also reflect a wide range. The lowest price for a handheld Metrologic barcode scanner comes in around $100 on some sites while a high end in-counter premium scanner is just under $2000. Check out a few examples of Metrologic scanners listed below.

MS920 Voyager

A reasonable price of around $150 makes this futuristic looking Metrologic barcode scanner a bargain. With the stability of a USB connection, the Voyager series transfers from hand-held to desktop models. Several options vary with each model in the Voyager series including color choice and ergonomic designs. The technological features in the high density, high speed Voyager place the series at the top of the line in all auto-triggered scanners currently available.

AP 5500 Optimus S Series

The Optimus S Series provides lightweight scanners with a variety of features. Laser technology, LED displays and power supplies are common while some models offer Bluetooth technology and others give USB access. These Metrologic barcode scanners are often used in warehouses due to their ability to store large amounts of data. The price for this series starts in the mid-500 into the mid-700 dollar range.

SP5700 Optimus PDA

Two models in this series of Metrologic barcode scanners give the convenience of wireless with professional results. Workers who travel for professional services like healthcare often depend on Optimus due to the models’ durability to withstand everyday indoor/outdoor environments and rough handling. Optimus gives the power of a computer with all the accessories in a smaller light weight version. Optimus PDA costs about $1360 or $1580 for the Bluetooth 2D imaging model.

Metrologic MS 2320 Stratos H

This Metrologic integrated barcode scanner is the high performance big dog of built-in wired scanners. With dimensions of only 10.9×20×11.5 the Stratos H scans 6000 lines per second via a visible laser diode. The patented design of Stratos H allows easy installation and dependability. The $1800-$1900 range is the price tag for this top performer.

Metrologic barcode scanners have gained a solid reputation for top quality at reasonable prices. The multi-purpose models offer the latest features available on the market today.

The New Jersey based company Metrologic Instruments integrated with technology giant Honeywell Security in 2008 to join their automation and control division. Their products are available at several on line sites.

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