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Office Fax Machine - The Evolution of Office Fax Machines

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Office fax machines and smaller personal fax machines have come a long way since inventor Alexander Bain’s version of the contraption in 1843. A Scottish inventor and mechanic, Bain got a patent from England for a type of facsimile machine but several inventors contributed to the product’s eventual release.

When Samuel Morse invented the telegraph, the fax machine progressed because of the similar technology. Another businessman showcased the fax machine at the World’s Fair in 1851 but it still wasn’t a mainstream product. The office fax machine was too bulky and noisy.

Office fax machines had limited use to the general public for decades. Due to technical advances in the 1980s the fax machine got more attention from the general public. In 1983 the machine hit the mainstream full force when a protocol was achieved to set a standard rate of speed for digital transmission. That is when it became more common for home offices to include an office fax machine.

In today’s world, office fax machines have grown into sophisticated multi-purpose machines while many private homes use a simple fax machine as a cheap and efficient way to submit and receive a hard copy of a document.

A facsimile simply encodes information and transmits the data over the phone. The sender feeds the original data through a machine connected with the phone. The receiver gets a hard copy of the article, photo, document or whatever was sent to the location. It sounds easy but the technical process sounds difficult. In the original patent Bain’s machine made “improvement in producing and regulating electric current and improvement in timepieces in electric printing and signal telegraphs”.

In today’s market office fax machines often perform multiple tasks. The machines performs as an answering machine, a copier, a scanner, a fax machine, a voice recorder and it can come with a headset, and speakers, or in handheld or wireless versions. Fax machines use inkjet or laser technology and can print hundreds of pages in one setting. Fax machine quality, speed and functions change almost as quickly as technology changes.

Corporate office fax machines have traveled to smaller venues and home offices due to reasonable prices and smaller sizes. A decent machine can cost as little as $40 while a more sophisticate office fax machine can be priced around $500. There is a fax machine to suit any need from using it a few times a month to several times a day.

Office fax machines come in a wide range of brands. The well known brands like Sony, Brother, Canon, Sharp or Lexmark are a few solid performers. There are several smaller companies with good quality fax machines on the market as well.

Choosing the best office fax machine usually means looking closely at the manufacturer’s specs. Check to see the rate of speed or other variables to fit individual needs. Like most electronic equipment, you can find office fax machines in electronic stores, department stores or on line. Considering the small investment required the convenience of having an office fax machine at home is worth the price.

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