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Car Insurance In Uk - Required Car Insurance in the UK

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For over 80 years it has been against the law to drive on public roadways without car insurance in the UK. The original government mandate from 1930 has been revamped a few times but the law remains. It is quite simple. If you drive a motor vehicle, you need motor vehicle insurance in the UK.*

Current law includes changes made in 1991 from a government document called the Road Traffic Act of 1988. The regulation impacted UK insurance quotes and citizens who ignored the law. The Act served as skimpy coverage but was soon fortified by Third Party Only Insurance. UK insurance quotes for the Road Traffic Act offered extremely limited monetary coverage to third party damages while the Third Party Only Insurance increased the coverage amount.

After the Road Traffic Act was passed all car owners and drivers could opt to purchase UK motor car insurance or deposit a minimum of £500,000 to the Accountant General to cover possible accident damages to other people or their property on any public roadway in the UK.

Car insurance companies in the UK missed out on a few policies from drivers who chose to skip dealing with insurance quotes or doing business with any car insurance company in the UK. Regardless of the choice, Third Party Only Insurance is still considered the standard for the lowest cost for required coverage. A driver without this coverage is breaking the law unless driving on private property. No insurance is needed for drivers on private land.

Third Party Only Insurance covers damage to another person’s property as well as bodily injury for the other driver and passengers up to and including death. The next step up in UK insurance quotes adds coverage for fire or theft to third parties. Beyond those two options, drivers can choose the big package of comprehensive coverage. Car insurance in UK involves variations of those three policies.

Consumers in the UK seemed quick to realize the impact of the digital revolution in the form of direct car insurance coverage. UK insurance quotes from direct insurers grew in competition allowing each driver to customize insurance packages to fit individual needs without paying for unnecessary coverage or going through a broker. Government figures estimate the majority of drivers helped control insurance quotes in the UK as approximately 60% of car insurance in the UK is currently handled through the direct market. The minority of 40% of car owners use insurance brokers for coverage.

The type of car insurance policy chosen guides the rate charged to customers. The price of motor vehicle insurance is also influenced by other factors. A driver’s personal experience such as the number of accidents, violations or claims filed influence cost. Many companies offer sizable discounts for drivers who have never filed a claim. In other words, a comprehensive insurance policy for a safe driver might cost less than a basic policy for a driver with a bad record. Shop for the biggest discounts for safe driving records as a wide range of rates exist depending on the insurance vendor.

The best car insurance in the UK depends on the needs of each driver. Compare rates from brokers to direct insurers and figure in any necessary extras to Third Party Only Insurance. Make sure potential damages based on facts such as a specific geographic area and driving situation are fully covered by car insurance.

*Drivers and motor vehicles in the UK exempt from mandatory car insurance coverage include but is not limited to specific citizens in the following groups: police authorities, fire authorities, people representing certain councils and local government organizations, national park authorities, educational authorities, security guard organizations and those working in health care services.

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