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Driving Test Uk - UK Driving Test Details

theory test multiple choice hazard perception practical test

If you think it is too tough to pass a driving test in the US, you probably should steer clear of the driving test in the UK. Make a U-turn and stay in the states. The test is so tough only about 43% of prospective drivers pass all parts of the UK driving test on the first attempt.

Compared to the US driving test, the UK driving test is more difficult and requires in-depth preparation. The UK tests takes more time and uses more detailed information. The UK version driving test consists of two separate formal parts along with other questions a candidate must answer correctly.

Theory Test

There are two parts to this test. Perspective drivers must pass both sections of the theory test in order to proceed to the next part of the driving test in the UK. Both parts must be passed on the same day in the same session. If that happens, the candidate receives a certificate. Having the certificate allows the person to book the next step in the UK driving test, the practical test.

Multiple Choice

The first part of the theory test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. Candidates get 15 minutes of practice time to become familiar with the format as this section of this test is completed on a touch screen computer. Once an answer is checked, the test taker may go back and change answers within the allotted time. The multiple choice section can take a maximum time of 57 minutes. Once the time is up scores are assessed. Candidates must have a minimum score of 86% on the multiple choice part of the test. That means at total of 7 questions can be wrong. Those who miss more than 7 can try again in 10 business days.

Hazard Perception

The second part of the driving test in UK theory test is hazard perception. This segment involves viewing video of 14 one minute scenes. Once test takers see a driving hazard in the scene, they click a mouse or touch the screen as the directions indicate. The reaction time it takes each person to find the hazard is graded from 5 down to 0. The quicker the reaction time, the better. Too many unnecessary clicks or no clicks at all end up with a zero score. Out of a possible 75 points, candidates have to rate at least 44 to pass. Failing either part means the candidate cannot continue the UK driving test on that date.

Practical Test

This part of the test involves a professional examiner directing the driver on a predetermined section of roads. The driving test lasts about 40 minutes. The examiner notes any faults and the level of seriousness of the driving faults. If a serious or dangerous fault is documented, the candidate automatically fails the practical test. The candidate can have up to 15 minor faults without automatically failing. Examiners can determine is some faults are bad habits that will continue and can score those faults accordingly.

If a person passes the practical test driving a vehicle while driving an automatic transmission, then a license allows the driver to drive cars with automatic only. Manual transmission cars have a separate test. It would be illegal for a driver to be on a public roadway driving a stick shift unless the driver specifically passed the UK driving test for a manual transmission vehicle.

Before a person can drive, the examiner goes over safety questions with each candidate. A wrong answer on any section results in failure. This section involves the examiner requesting a “Show or Tell” explanation. For example, the examiner might say open the hood and show me where you would add engine coolant if you car overheats or tell me how you go about changing a flat tire.

Drivers must also show the examiner different maneuvers requested and different types of controlled stops. In addition, drivers will be tested in different driving conditions and settings. An eye sight test is conducted after all other tests are completed and passed.

For perspective drivers in the UK, keep in mind you must have a provisional license and be at least 17 years old to take the test. The vehicle you plan to drive must also pass a safety test. Many drivers suggest taking driving lessons prior to attempting the driving test in the UK. Access the official UK website for additional information.

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