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Fly Fishing Canada - A great place to go fly fishing in Canada: Roche Lake

reach road trout columbia

The province of British Columbia in Canada is a great place to go fly fishing Canada. One of the many lakes in British Columbia that offer excellent fly fishing is Roche Lake, which has gained a reputation over the years of being a friendly location for anglers of all levels of experience. There are two provincial park camp sites at the lake where you can retreat to if you elect to go on a fly fishing vacation. If you want to camp at one of the neighboring lakes in the region, you can do so and return to Roche Lake for your fly fishing experience. Alternatively, if you are looking for luxury, you can always turn to the Roche Lake Resort, which has been described as fabulous by former patrons.

The only kind of fishing that you can reliably partake in on Roche Lake is rainbow trout fishing. Somewhere between twenty and thirty years ago, most of the coarse fish in the lake were removed and the only species remaining after then for stocking the lake were rainbow trout. However, as the lake is not designated as a fly fishing only lake, there will be more than fly fishermen and women present; when you go there, you should be prepared to share your fishing lanes with spin casters and trollers. That said, there are still a couple of restrictions you have to observe when you want to fish on the lake and it is a good idea to look through the freshwater fishing regulations of British Columbia before you set out on your next great fly fishing Canada trip to Roche lake. You can find the lake around 10 miles past the main turn away from Highway 5A, which is approximately 22 miles to the south of Kamloops. You can reach the lake via a gravel road that is maintained but still busy and your car will be enough of a vehicle to get you there. You can follow the main road into the provincial park on Roche Lake and follow it until you reach its endpoint at the Roche Lake Resort.

The other provincial campground on the shores of the lake is Roche Lake West. You can reach Roche Lake West through the turnoff at Horseshoe Lake, which is located slightly before Rose and Tulip Lake. The road is bumpy and you might have to watch out for potholes. You will want to keep left on this road until you reach the turnoff at Horsehoe Lake, which is just past the right turn past Roche Lake Road; stay on this road until you reach its end and you will reach one of the best put ins on the shores of the lake. This is an excellent vantage point for fly fishing due to the shoals on the south end where the currents stir up small creatures at the bottom and attract trout that are feeding. You can draw a dragon lure or a chironomid lure through the area and increase your chances of bringing a big fish home. In general, the best way to navigate the lake is through a small boat with a motor but if you have a belly boat or a pontoon, you can still get into excellent fishing areas, particularly if you start from Roche Lake West.

When fly fishing in Roche Lake, you should be aware that there are a lot of hatches of mayflies and chironimid during the early parts of the season, such as from the first of May, which is opening day. These hatches are best fished with lines that float; it is your choice over whether or not you would like to use a strike indicator. If you use chironimids, you might want to weight them so they can reach the depths you desire in a minimal amount of time. If you are a wet line fisher you might fare better with a leech that is green or brown or black. You might also want to consider a dragonfly nymph if you can fish next to shoal dropoffs or weedbeds. Finally, additional techniques you can use to increase your chances include varying your boat speed and the rate of retrieval.

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