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External Hard Drive Backup - Reasons to Consider External Hard Drive Backup

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We live in the computer age, where individuals of virtually every demographic work, socialize and shop online regularly. For this reason, work and home PCs and laptops typically store inordinate amounts of personal data that is very important to the computer user. There are several reasons to consider external hard drive backup as a means of protecting this data against damage. First, if your computer is hit by natural disaster, your data may be destroyed or rendered irretrievable. Second, computer viruses claim many operating systems every year and if your data is not backed up, you may not be able to recover lost files after a computer crash. Third, accidents happen around the home everyday and a single spilled beverage or dropped piece of furniture can damage your computer beyond repair.

Natural Disaster

Fire, flood, extreme winds and earthquakes are unpredictable and likely to strike when you least expect them. If you have failed to consider the use of an external hard drive to backup your computer data, a single disaster may rage through your city or town and claim all of your important documents forever. When you backup data on a hard drive and store it in a separate location from your PC or laptop, you are guaranteeing that your files will not be lost, even if your computer itself is damaged beyond repair.

Some individuals make the mistake of storing their external hard drive backup in the same location as their PC or laptop. This is a mistake that can cost the computer owner dearly. Once you have backed up all your files, store your external hard drive in a fire and water proof box or keep it off-site in a rented storage unit, your home, or your office. In this manner, you are guaranteeing that your external hard drive will remain undamaged by a natural disaster that strikes your primary computer’s location. Backups should be performed regularly, so make sure that your external hard drive is easily accessible to you for regular use.

Computer Viruses

While anti-virus software is evolving and improving every year, so are the viruses they are designed to deter. For this reason, anti-virus protection alone is not enough to safeguard your important computer files against infection by a malicious Internet virus. Using an external hard drive to backup your computer data on a regular basis will ensure that ‘clean’ copies of your files are stored away, safe from harm from worms, viruses and other malware that may attack your computer unexpectedly.

It is important to note that some individuals make the mistake of leaving their external hard drive plugged into their PC or laptop for easy backup on a regular basis. This is a huge mistake, as it completely defeats the purpose of backing up your files in the first place. As soon as you have successfully used your external hard drive to back up your computer data, you should unplug the USB connector in order to ensure that in the event that a virus suddenly attacks your operating system, it will have no way to weasel its way into your external drive and comprise your files.

You may also be wise to run a registry cleaner program prior to each time you use your external hard drive to backup your computer data. This is yet another way to ensure that no ‘bugs’ will crawl over into your external drive while you are backing up your data. If the operating system is clean every time you backup your files and you always remember to unplug your USB after backup, you can rest assured that a copy of your important data exists that can be accessed if your original files are compromised via a viral attack.

Human Accidents

Many people drink coffee or eat meals while they work, play or shop on the Internet. In addition, the advent of laptop computers has given individuals a great deal of mobility, allowing them to take their computers with them to coffee shops or even the park to work or surf the net. With increased mobility comes increased chance of human accident.

In order to ensure that a copy of your important computer data will remain accessible to you if your computer is damaged in a human accident, you should consider using an external hard drive to backup your files on a regular basis.

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