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Stretch Marks Surgery

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Stretch marks occur when an individual’s body changes in size to the point where the skin must rapidly adjust. There is a limitation on how much the skin can stretch in a short period time. In cases of pregnancy or weight gain, the elasticity of skin is challenged to the point where tears often result. When this occurs, stretch marks become visible to the skin. Stretch marks surgery are a common procedure that women and men get to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.

One common form of stretch marks surgery is the tummy tuck. In this procedure, excess skin is removed. The abdominal wall is also tightened in this particularly cosmetic procedure. Most procedures are able to remove between 30% and 50% of excess skin from the abdomen area. After the procedure is completed, a new belly button is created for the patient. Most people are able to fully recover from the procedure in a couple of weeks’ time. Stretch marks below the navel are removed during a tummy tuck stretch marks surgery.

Coolbeam is another stretch marks surgery. This surgery is performed on the stretch marks after the skin is cooled. This procedure is used among individuals that have aged or become light in color. A pulsing method is used in which light is fired at the site of the stretch marks. The outcome is the skin targeted vaporizes. Each time a pulse is used on the skin, a piece of tissue is removed. Swelling and pain can be expected after this procedure is performed. There is no true recovery period associated with this form of stretch marks surgery.

Stretch marks surgery can also be performed via laser removal procedures. This procedure can take multiple sessions before the stretch marks are removed. In this procedure yellow-light and green-light lasers are used. These forms of laser appear to work most favorably with the skin. This type of procedure appears to work well in younger individuals. Stretch marks that come as a result of tremendous weight gain tend to have less success with this form of stretch marks surgery. This is because the stretch marks are deeper within the skin.

There are several surgical procedures a person can have to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The least invasive of the procedure is the Coolbeam method. The most invasive form of surgery is the tummy tuck. The laser removal stretch marks surgery procedures works best on younger individuals where stretch marks weren’t a result of weight gain.

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