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Mini Food Processors - The Ease of Performing Small Chopping Tasks with Mini Food Processors

inches compact blade machines

There are a number of new kitchen appliances being designed in smaller sizes. Among these you will find the line of mini food processors. These are scaled down units with the same functions and features you would find on their larger counterparts. The compact Cuisnart model has a four cup capacity and includes a recipe book and spatula with the machine. It has a central blade designed for chopping and grinding, which is switched between functions by using the button to reverse the motion of the blade. It also has a safety lock feature that allows the blade to be locked into position when not in use.

The smaller processors are good for performing quick tasks such as chopping nuts or herbs for a recipe. They can also be used to mix ingredients in creating a sauce or dip such as guacamole. The compact food processors are also a good way to make your own nutritious baby foods by using the fresh fruits and vegetables you buy yourself. Because these units are smaller you only need to make the amount you intend to use, so they save you money in not wasting prepared food items. Most of these machines will have containers that are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The Cusinart models are available in several different styles with different materials used for the outer casing. You will find these small food processors in styles with a hard white plastic casing or a silver stainless steel chrome case. The compact size usually measures about eight inches by nine inches so it doesn’t take up a lot of space when placed on a counter. These machines have an easy access control console located on the front of the unit’s base and use any standard electrical outlet for operation.

In addition to the various Cusinart models there are a few machines made by KitchenAid. Their basic model has a three cup capacity container and includes a pulse control for even chopping. This machine comes with one speed, some dishwasher safe parts and locking domed lid. It is available in chrome, black, red or white and measures about five and a half inches by nine inches. This machine also has a blade with reverse capabilities to ensure the chopping is done evenly and does not climb up the sides of the container. These compact machines make it easy to perform any chopping tasks required for a particular type of food preparation without needing to pull out a larger processor to do a small job.

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