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Chicago Movie Times - The Best Time to Watch a Movie in Chicago

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Have you ever felt like a sardine in a can while watching a movie in Chicago? Perhaps you are tired of crawling over an entire row of annoyed strangers every time you need to go to the bathroom, or you find yourself fighting for that armrest with someone you have never seen before in your life. Far too many times, popular movies sell out quickly and the cost of tickets and concessions makes going to see the movies a greater bother than it once was. If you are paying upwards of $20 for two people before you even reach the concession stand, then you deserve some enjoyment in return for all those hard earned dollars that have just been squeezed out of your wallet.

Instead of crawling over people in the theater to find a less than desirable seat to watch your flick, plan to watch the movie when most people will not. Most movies that hit the theaters will sell out for a week or two followed by steadily dropping ticket sales. You can save yourself a lot of aggravation simply by being patient and waiting to see the movie until after all of the hype settles down.

One of the disadvantages to waiting, however, is the water cooler talk at work about the movie you plan to see or chatter from your friends that spoils the movie for you. Many people would rather cram themselves into the front row of the latest blockbuster than have someone else ruin the ending for them. It does not need to be like this however.

Many theaters in Chicago have matinée showings. You can visit the website of each theater to find showings before 4 PM on a Saturday or Sunday, or you could simply search for matinée showings on Moviefone or another similar movie listing site. Not only will you be watching your movie in a significantly less crowded theater, but most theaters offer a matinée discount.

Most people choose to go to dinner before they go to a movie and by simply reversing the order you eat and watch a movie, you might find yourself in a theater practically all to yourself. Instead of arm wrestling strangers and crawling over people for a bathroom break you will be able to pick out seats where you want and away from other people in the theater. Who knows, you may even find yourself going to the movies more often once you have discovered that the key to enjoying a good film is not always about where you watch it, but when you watch it.

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