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Washer Dryer In One - The Convenience of using a washer dryer in one

unit drying single units

For people who have limited space to set up large appliances the convenient washer dryer in one appliance provides two separate machines in one unit. These items are generally created for use in apartments because they can easily fit into a small space in a kitchen area. The GE model comes with the washer as the bottom section and the dryer on top. The washer has the top loading style, while the design for the dryer is the front loading type. This unit stands about seventy-one inches tall and is available in white.

The washer on this all-in-one laundry machine includes nine different presets for the different types of fabrics you need to wash. It has three levels for water and two spin cycles. This combo unit uses standard dial controls to set the loads you want to wash or dry. In addition to the traditional tall units created as washer/dryer combos there are several new styles of single units designed to do both jobs of washing and drying in a single appliance. The Haier model is not only designed to switch between washing or drying it is also designed as a ventless machine.

The Haier single unit product also comes with an automatic switch over from wash to dry at the end of the wash cycle. It is made to be a quiet running machine and also has water saving features. The interior capacity is eleven pounds and the unit includes a self locking door and interior drum light. The ventless system uses condensation drying so you can place this unit anywhere you have a standard household electrical outlet. It includes dual dryer settings and seven fabric care settings for washing.

LG also makes several combination units that use the new ventless system. The LG model has a delay wash cycle that can be set with as much as a nineteen hour delay time. This is a convenient way to set your machine to begin its cycles when you are away or asleep. This unit is only twenty-four inches wide so it can fit into a minimum amount of space. It also comes with an electric control panel with LED display. It has six drying cycles and is Energy Star rated for efficiency. These single units are a good option for people that have space for one large appliance, but want the convenience of both a washer and a dryer. For those people with less available room the top and bottom combination unit is a better choice for getting both machines without needing a lot of available room.

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