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Vacation To Bahamas - Tips on Vacationing in the Bahamas

out islands exumas and eleuthera islands grand bahamas island new providence island abacos islands

If you are in search of paradise you only need to travel about 55 miles from Miami. Scattered in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, an archipelago of islands offers diverse activities for travelers on vacation to the Bahamas. Visitors can swim with sharks, soak up the sun, dive with the dolphins or dance all night on one of the dozen developed island groups in the string of over 700 islands.

Tourists on vacation to Bahaman islands are often surprised to find that English is the official language. With the U.S. mainland nearby, the Western influence to the culture is obvious in larger tourist areas like Nassau and Freeport. For those yearning for a true island experience vacation to Bahamas, that wish is also easily granted. Locals offer guides on and around the Bahamas Islands. Some include tours to primitive beaches and remote areas. From hot club scenes to quiet secluded beaches, dream vacations to the Bahamas can be shaped to match your idea of paradise.

The mystery of the lost city of Atlantis in the waters off Bimini, Christopher Columbus’ first stop in the new world and the world’s most extensive underwater cave system fascinate many visitors to vacation to Bahamas Islands. Considering the Bahamas include 700+ islands, most tourist prefer information on the most popular and larger islands. Each of the destination islands offers their own unique atmosphere and activities.

Out Islands

In contrast to the fast-paced life of a few more popular islands, visitors choosing to vacation to the Bahamas to the Out Islands will find a quiet and peaceful pace. The Out Islands offer modern amenities but you won’t find the stylish resorts or the trendy clubs, casinos or all-night partying. You will find a Bahaman vacation of boating, diving and white sand beaches where you can soak up the sun without any onlookers. Professional fishermen travel to the Out Islands to catch marlins and tarpon.

Exumas and Eleuthera Islands

Some of the most spectacular unspoiled natural sights exist on these islands. Due to the sandy flats in the shallow ocean waters, fishermen come to this area in search of bonefish. Several secluded beaches and coves offer privacy to enjoy the crystal blue waters framed in coco plums and sea grapes. Local restaurants typically feature the local favorite of conch chowder.

Grand Bahamas Island

This 96-mile long island allows peaceful experiences in natural settings. Roughly 15% of visitors who vacation to Bahamas stay on Grand Bahamas. Part of the Bahamas National Trust, the Lucayan Park and the Rand Nature Centre are must see venues. Bird watchers can get a glimpse of species unavailable elsewhere on the continent. Horseback riding, kayaking and scuba diving are a few activities available. Snorkeling in the coral reefs is another unique experience offered on Grand Bahamas.

New Providence Island

Many tourists envision this environment when they think of a vacation to the Bahamas. New Providence boasts a diverse nightlife scene with trendy clubs and flashy casinos. It features the most land development in the Bahamas Islands. The British influence is obvious on New Providence with top of the line boutiques and designer shops lining the streets.

New Providence Island is the setting for the nation’s capital of Nassau, a banking and commercial hub. Tourists can enjoy duty-free shops, art galleries, handmade merchandise and the famous Nassau Straw Market. The island attracts more than a million cruise ship passengers every year with many flocking to the popular cities of Nassau and Freeport for their Bahamas vacation destinations.

Abacos Islands

This collection of 100+ islands leans more to a slow-paced life style and traditional Bahaman fare. Tourists won’t find big crowds but still enjoy all the comfort of first class restaurants and hotels. Visitors enjoy biking and hiking in the pine forests and uninhabited beaches. Golf, beach volleyball, cricket and tennis contrast to less conventional activities like sea kayaking and wind surfing.

Visitors planning a vacation to the Bahamas should consider buying health insurance as most local providers take cash only. Tourists should also realize safety regulations for water craft and other vehicles are not very stringent. Try to find reputable businesses recommended by locals. In addition, a few immunizations are usually required when going on vacation to Bahamas.

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